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Idea #5: Quick Draw
by Tonya Ball

Who is the quickest on the draw? Try this game to find out who has the fastest fingers.

1. Pick a person to be the mediator. That person makes a list of 10 different Bible objects or events: for example, the burning bush, the parting of the Red Sea, the stable where Jesus was born.

2. Divide the rest of your group into two teams on separate sides of the room. Each team will need a writing instrument and some paper.

3. The mediator sits in the center with the list, hiding all but the first item.

4. When the mediator says “Go,” one member from each team comes to find out the first item. They must then draw a picture of it for their team. When their team guesses it, a second team member goes and gets the next item to draw, and so on. Each team member must take a turn drawing.

5. The first team that completes and guesses the list is the winner.

By Heather Down

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