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Idea #1: The Three-headed Storyteller
by Tonya Ball

Choose a “show host” and three participants. The host decides on a Bible story that the three participants must tell in their own words. The only catch is they can say only one word at a time. Going in order, they must completely relate the Bible story given to them by the host. Option: Make it more challenging by having them sing the story instead. Try it with your family for sundown worship!

By Heather Down


+1 #1 goldstar 2012-07-15 18:50
i know this game called "swords in hands" all members of the group must have the bible in their hands u pick one person of ur group to find a text when they find it,you tell the group which book of the bible and which chapter the text is found in then the person says 'charge' the first person to find it wins, but the text has to say the same thing

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