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National Public Radio and Noah's Flood
by Randy Fishell, Editor

According to Robert Krulwich, a National Public Radio science commentator and blogger, "Once in our history, the world-wide population of human beings skidded so sharply we were down to roughly a thousand reproductive adults. One study says we hit as low as 40. Forty? Come on, that can't be right." Well, Robert is correct about that . . .

Ellen White says that when a person tries to figure out scientific things without the Bible, they get a lot of things wrong. (Isaac Newton agreed.) 

The Bible says the number was actually eight. That's how many people boarded Noah's ark.

The article is a bit deep, and talks about a volcano as a major destructive force. But it's kind of interesting to see how Krulwich's conclusion points one direction if you aren't rooted in scripture, while at the same time the Bible makes a lot of sense if you lean that way. I am talking, of course, about Noah's Flood being the cause of humankind's almost being wiped out in an instant at an earlier point in history.

Was there really  a big volcano at some time in ancient history that was as deadly as the authors suggest? Could be. But I am also suggesting that it might be worth scientists' time to see how a worldwide flood might play into the picture of a sudden near-eradication of humankind.

You can read the blog post HERE. Just for the record, Guide's position is that human beings have been on earth for only about 6000 years. That's God's story, and we're sticking to it.


-3 #2 TrueBloodoftheTrueChrist 2012-10-28 14:50
Oh i thought we were here 8,000 years oh well
+3 #1 youroom1290 2012-10-27 21:36

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