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Spy Rock Ascent
by Randy Fishell, Editor

It wasn't easy getting there, but what a view from the top of Spy Rock in Montebello, Virginia!

Recently I was invited by the Beltsville, Maryland, Seventh-day Adventist Church to spend some time with them at their annual church retreat. The retreat was held this past weekend at Camp Blue Ridge in Virginia's beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

On Sabbath afternoon, some of us hiked and climbed to the top of Spy Rock, a mountain used by Civil War spies to spot enemy troops. As it turned out, also making the trek the same day were a few young members of the Norfolk, Virginia, Seventh-day Adventist Church!

Here are a couple of photos I thought you might enjoy seeing. By the way, I was surprised to see tadpoles in some of the shallow mud puddles high atop this mountain!

Beltsville (MD) pastors Glenn Holland (left) and Kermit Netteburg (right) made the climb, along with young
people from the Beltsville and Norfolk (VA) Seventh-day Adventist churches. (That's me in the back.)

A pretty view from atop Spy Rock.


0 #1 Quirky 2012-09-23 01:22
cool. i wish i lived in virginia, so pretty :-)

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