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Women On the Move
by Randy Fishell, Editor

You probably don't recognize Ellen Kimble (far left) and Hazel Wendt (second from right). After all, they're all dressed up to pay a visit to Guide headquarters.

It turns out that Hazel is a member of the Saragosa Seventh-day Adventist Church in Texas. If i understood Hazel correctly, Saragosa is miles away from most everything. But she loves the kids in her church, that's for sure!

As for Ellen, apparently she lives in an even more remote area of Texas—a town called Marfa. There is no Adventist church in this distant land, but she is going to be sharing Real magazine with the kids in her area. I presume she will have to ride on muleback to do so, but it will be worth it.

Hazel and Ellen are on a road trip for about a month. They have relatives that work in the same building that houses Guide headquarters. Otherwise I doubt they would've bothered to stop and say hello, but who knows? One thing I know for sure: it was great meeting these two dedicated women!

(L to R): Ellen Kimble, Guide editor Randy Fishell, Hazel Wendt, and
Guide assistant editor Laura Sámano.

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