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Amazing Vocal Talent
by Randy Fishell, Editor

A beautiful treatment of "Amazing Grace" by Guide website user "isabrooke" came in today.

If isabrooke gives me permission, I'll let you know her real name! Enjoy the performance in the videos section in Talent Showcase.


0 #12 Kentucky Wildcats 2013-04-13 00:31
hey allison!
0 #11 Kentucky Wildcats 2013-04-13 00:30
ok nice name isabella it's a very pretty name!!!! :lol:
+2 #10 isabrooke 2013-03-30 22:57
Kentucky Wildcats: Isabella Pakula
+1 #9 isabrooke 2013-03-30 22:56
lcres1:Thank you so much! All credit goes to God! To see my testimony go to tomekhimself! :)
+1 #8 isabrooke 2013-03-30 22:55
allylovesanimal s: Yes, I do have a youtube! :) For videos of my testimony and singing go to my dad's channel.. tomekhimself. For my personal youtube channel go to isabrooke11 for my AG stop-motions! :)
+3 #7 allylovesanimals 2013-02-18 19:46
Quoting Kentucky Wildcats:
videos won't work on my computer so i can't watch it :cry:

mine either! :sad: are you on youtube isabrooke?
+2 #6 isabrooke 2012-11-22 22:22
Wow! I'm so honored to have my video on the guide website! :-) Oh, and I'm ok with giving away my real name. ;-)
+2 #5 Kentucky Wildcats 2012-09-12 01:23
videos won't work on my computer so i can't watch it :cry:
+3 #4 HorsesRgreat 2012-09-09 17:13
It is beautiful.
+7 #3 Strong_Arm_Luc 2012-09-09 02:44
She has an AMAZING! Talent! of singing. Can she walk anyway because she was on a wheelchair?

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