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WhatzIT Revealed
by Rich Aguilera

It's time to reveal last weeks WhatzIT!  How did you do?

Wow, so much for my "tougher" WhatzIT.  Did anyone NOT get it?  Yes, it was a sea urchin!  And I thought it was going to be tough...

Here is the full size version of the original picture.  Good job everyone!

Watch out, next time I do a WhatzIT, I'm going to really make it super hard...I hope.

By the way, did you know that sea urchins are animals?  It's got a mouth, feet, teeth, gills, and organs! Their favorite snack...algae!  Yum.  Just don't step on one!



+1 #13 puff 2013-01-04 20:12
hey! I knew it
+1 #12 puff 2013-01-04 20:10
hey! I didnt get to gess on it , but I thot see urchen.
+1 #11 music20000 2012-12-08 02:47
looks like that spiky thing from diary of a wimpy kid.
+1 #10 dancer4god 2012-10-14 00:26
I can't wait for the next one!
+1 #9 TrueBloodoftheTrueChrist 2012-10-09 21:10
I bet my sister knows that :cry: that is just sad
+4 #8 noble240 2012-10-08 22:05
+4 #7 gabesilva02 2012-10-08 00:27
That's cool
+5 #6 gabesilva02 2012-10-07 23:12
Sea urchins hurt. Ouchhhhhhhhhhh :cry: :cry:
+5 #5 gabesilva02 2012-10-07 00:45
Just like the one in Hawaii. They hert :eek:
+2 #4 Nerd today, Boss tomorrow 2012-10-06 14:39
I GOT IT !!! YAHOO !!! :lol:

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