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Mud Bonus: An Iceberg Is Born
by Rich Aguilera

This week in Mud I talk about how icebergs form when chunks of ice calve, or break off, from a glacier. Have you ever seen a glacier calving? Check out this video clip that shows massive chunks of ice falling into the sea. Watch out for the giant wave!

(It's unfortunate that toward the end of the video someone chose to take God's name in vain as a way of expressing their amazement. I hope you don't do that!)


0 #6 puff 2013-02-18 22:45
hope no won got sea sick :-x
+6 #5 ComputerGeek101 2012-06-25 00:26
awesome never really seen it happen just in movies and clips like this one!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
-1 #4 trio3 2012-06-18 22:58
cool beans...no cooler than beans! :P
-1 #3 ILoveJesus 2012-06-17 23:44
:eek: :eek:
+14 #2 faithforever 2012-06-14 18:28
I actually have seen something like this for real. When I was on a cruise in Alaska we saw a huge chunk break off of an iceberg, it was so incredible!!
+14 #1 Zara 2012-06-14 18:03

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