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Hi There! What Am I?
by Rich Aguilera

I enjoy keeping up with the news, especially when there are articles about new scientific discoveries. I always keep an eye out for articles that also try to make new evolution claims. 

For example, just the other day there was an article in USA Today called "Fossil foot poses human origins puzzle."

Turns out someone in Africa found a few bones of a foot that looks like a gorilla's, but since they think it's 3.4 million years old, and since it has some traits of a human foot, they assume it's some type of pre-human creature. The fossil shows that the creature climbed trees, but the researchers are stumped because they assume this type of creature should also be walking upright. However, the fossils show it DIDN'T walk upright. That's a problem for evolution. 

The point is, because the scientists think it's old, most of them assume it's a pre-human. But they can't explain why these pre-human creatures weren't walking upright—instead, they look as if they climbed trees like a gorilla. It's pretty simple. It's because this WAS some type of gorilla, and because it's NOT millions of years old. 

News can be pretty confusing if you don't accept God's Bible as the ultimate authority. 



+6 #3 minuteman 2012-04-21 22:03
if evolution were real, why are there still gorillas today???
+3 #2 Missy Dee 2012-04-14 01:50
:o :o i've asked evolutionists "if this process takes a little less than a century and happens very slowly, how come i can't see my great-aunt- who is 93 and still active- changing body shape?" They'll say, "the change happens in the blink of an eye" and i'm like, "WHAT? Didn't you just say that the whole thing happens slowly and takes a long time?" :o
+8 #1 Daze 2012-04-12 14:40
That "missing link" nonsense again??? Evolution is such a myth, besides if according to evolution pre-humans were living everywhere on earth why is it that they only find a few little bones? They should be finding tons and tons of bones! And the places that they says that thousands pre-humans lived such a England no bones have even been found (well only to my wide knowledge). And even if they claim to, they only find a few bones :zzz !?!

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