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We've done our best to find positive Web sites for kids. But we can't guarantee that all the material on these sites fits with Bible truth. So surf with your brain in gear! If you find a link that seems inappropriate or is not working, please let us know by using the Contact Us page.

KidsBibleInfoBible Study
Free KidZone and Troubleshooters Bible guides, games, and answers to Bible questions.

PowerPoints Sabbath School Lessons
Find the weekly Sabbath School lesson for juniors here.

Real-Time Faith Sabbath School Lessons
Download the weekly Sabbath School lesson for earliteens here.

Bible Gateway
Search the Bible, listen to audio Bibles, and more!

Illustrated posters that present Bible beliefs in a fun way.

Games and Activities
Activities, videos, and Bible study resources just for kids. Bible Trivia Games
Test your knowledge with Bible Ball, Bible Jeopardy, and Who Wants to Be a Saintly Millionaire?

Bible Puzzles
Games here include hangman, cryptograms, and scrambled words.
Bible word searches, crosswords, and quizzes.

Bible Crosswords
A puzzle for every chapter of the Bible!

Bible quiz games, jigsaw puzzles, and more. 

Pacific Press Puzzles
These puzzles go along with kids' books from Pacific Press. Try the puzzles and check out some good reads!

Smash Your Food
Here's a fun way to see how healthy (or unhealthy) certain foods are. Can you guess how much sugar, salt, and fat are in an order of french fries?

Fun Sites for Kids

Christian Kids Top 100
Andy and Bea rate their favorite fun Web sites for kids like them. This page will give you plenty of great places to go online!

Christian History Timeline
This site contains stories of noteworthy Christians from Bible times until now: missionaries, martyrs, monks, and more. Find out if anyone famous was born on your birthday!

Pathways of the Pioneers
Listen to stories of the adventuresome folks who started the Seventh-day Adventist church.

Pray It Say It
Are you praying for someone? Send them an e-card to let them know!

KidsView Magazine
Here's a magazine from the editors of the Adventist Review. Part of it is written by kids!

Read The Adventures of Jeremiah online.

Your Story Hour

Find out how to hear great audio stories that help you get closer to God. Plus sign up for kids' Bible lessons and read Clubhouse magazine.


Games, videos, and stories for VeggieTales fans.

Jelly Telly
A daily TV show from the creators of VeggieTales.

Whit's End
The official Adventures in Odyssey Web site.

A Sabbath Blog
This site features news about the Adventist Church that impacts young people.

Find What You Need

Adventist Book Center
Buy great Christian books, music, games, and more.

A great Christian club for kids.

International Pathfinder Camporee
Get news and updates about the next international camporee in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Adventist Education
Find a Seventh-day Adventist church school near you.

Religion in Public Schools
As a Christian student in a public school, are you allowed to talk about your faith? Find out about your rights here.

Join the Mission

Adventist Mission
What happens to those mission offerings you give in Sabbath school? Find out here!

ADRA for Kids

This interactive site shows you how Adventists help people in need around the world. You can be a part of reaching out!

Maranatha Volunteers International

Find out how you can go on a mission trip.

The Hunger Site
Donate food to hungry people—FREE!

The Bible Site
Click every day and help give Bibles to Christians in countries where they don't have access to God's Word.

Locks of Love
Donate your hair to make wigs for kids who have lost their hair because of illness.

Wigs for Kids
Another organization that takes hair donations.