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Some Assembly Required
by Laura Samano, Assistant Editor

“We’re putting them in the wrong way!” Diana said.

"Really? That makes sense!" I replied.

Randy and Diana, his wife, helped me assemble my dining room table and chairs yesterday. She and I were attempting to put the table together. I held the leg of the table while she screwed it in. When her hand got tired, we switched jobs. After half-an-hour of that, I no longer needed her to hold the leg so she started working on another leg.

Once I thought the leg was as tight as it could be, I sat back a little and noticed both legs were crooked and wiggly.

“Do they look crooked to you?” I asked Diana.

“Yes,” she said.

Frustrated, I continued my task in hopes that tightening the bolts would straighten the legs. At that point Diana picked up the instructions. The legs were supposed to be toward the outside of the table and the bolts on the inside—we had put them on backward!

After we’d stopped laughing, we put all four legs on properly in less time than it had taken us to put one on wrong!

I learned at least three things from that experience. The first lesson is simple: I shouldn’t assemble furniture for a living. The second: friends are a must in life. The last lesson: things are easier when you read the instructions.

Here is a picture of my dinning room set . . .

. . . and here I am about to eat my first sandwich at my new table!


+1 #2 honeyflower 2013-02-25 01:33
lol! was it a very good sandwich?
+1 #1 allylovesanimals 2013-02-18 19:42
lol was it a good sandwich? :P

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