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Top 10 School Supplies
by Laura Samano, Assistant Editor

When my parents bought school supplies for me when I was a teen they bought all but one of the items on the list that I found of Top 10 school supplies.

According to Yahoo Shopping the Top 10 are:
  1. Writing instruments: pens, pencils, markers, and more
  2. Writing pads, notebooks, and clipboards
  3. Erasers, correction tape, and fluid
  4. Binders and accessories
  5. Staplers, tape, and glue
  6. Calculators
  7. Lunch boxes
  8. Backpacks and bags
  9. Locks
  10. Flash drives
You've probably guessed by now that what my parents didn't buy for me were flash drives, at least not until I was in high school. I remember using floppy disks in junior high!

A flash drive is very useful, that is, until you lose it. You can put different types of files on it and carry them with you, delete the information, put it back in—it's all up to you! 

Although you and I started using flash drives at different stages of our lives there is something you and I have in common: we both have the use of our brain. Like a flash drive, we can put all sorts of information in it and carry it with us wherever we go. One difference between the flash drive and the human brain is that once you put information in your brain it shapes who you are and what you do. I pray that you will put information in your brain that will help you get closer to Jesus and become more like Him every day. 

Have a wonderful school year!

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