Kim Peckham
by Rachel Whitaker, Associate Editor

Kim Peckham, Guide Webmaster

What is your favorite Guide story?

The story about the minister taking the offering money to the church headquarters when he’s robbed by a bandit. He ends up getting the money back in a surprising way.
What is your favorite veggie food item?
There’s this stuff called braised gluten that I think is as tender as baby ears—not that I’ve ever eaten baby ears.

What is your favorite clothing store?
An outlet store in Texas that brings together all the clothes that a department store chain couldn’t sell. It makes me feel good to bring clothes home that have known nothing but rejection.
What are your nicknames?
A friend at work calls me Slim-Jim-Kim-chi-Gottabe-Wannabe-Peckham, which has got to be the longest nickname known to man. If it was any longer it would need chapter breaks.

What’s your secret talent?
I can dive my Yamaha SuperJet completely underwater. Coming back up is the hard part.

What’s the best piece of advice your mom has ever given you?
“All things come to those who wait,” she used to tell me. Especially if you wait 'till Christmas.