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by Rachel Whitaker, Associate Editor

JustForChristJanelle (aka JustForChrist) has been part of our team of moderators since 2010. Below are some questions she has answered to help you get to know her better. You may notice that sometimes she spells words differently than we would in the U.S. She uses the correct spelling for where she lives!

What's your name?
Some of you may know me as Janelle. I am 19 years old. I joined this chat approximately 2 years ago (my first chat room!).

What's your favourite colour? 
Green, the colour of nature--the best colour in the world!

Do you have siblings? 
No, I am an only child. However, it does not feel that way, because I am always surrounded by children, and I consider you guys to be my siblings.

Where do you live? 
I live in the beautiful, mountainous island of St. Lucia. In case you are wondering, this island is part of the Caribbean. Here you will find sandy beaches and the twin Pitons. To find out more, research. Lol

What do you enjoy doing?
I enjoy listening to music (and trying to sing along), watching comedy, and playing online detective games. I always enjoy working with children. On Sabbaths I teach a youth class; I do puppet shows; and during vacations I also help out at VBS doing arts and crafts. I also enjoy learning patois—this is French creole, and here mainly the older folks use it.  

Why did you became a moderator?
At first I joined this chat room out of curiosity. I accepted the opportunity mainly to meet new persons from all over the world who love Jesus as much as I do and to share Him with others as well. I enjoy every experience.

How long have you been a Seventh-day Adventist?
All my life. Both of my parents are Seventh-day Adventists.

If you could be a Transformer, what would you be? 
I'm not sure what answer you're looking for, but, h'mm . . . an eagle to soar above the clouds.

What would you name your own cereal? 
Well, some of my friends call me Jano, so I would say “Jan-O Whole Grain Cereal."

Any final thoughts?
Keep on serving Jesus. Remember He loves you so much that He took your place at Calvary. Do your part by giving Him your total being.

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