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TOPIC: Megladon and Dinosaurs

Megladon and Dinosaurs 3 years 7 months ago #39678

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As many of us study the bible, we always relate animals to modern day animals. I propose that for the fish, megladon could be the perfect fish of choice. I think this because i dont believe extinction before humanity. Although you guys will oppose this, by saying that the big fish went extinct before jonah, that doesnt mean it isnt true. Oh, and you know what is the true truth, we dont know, when we go to God, he will tell us. I also propose to also relate our study of the Bible to those ancient animals, that are thought to have gone extinct in the early lives of man. So come on guys, it seems that us Christians, are now becoming the believers of extinction before man. And lets also not underestimate our God.
Now with this topic in mind, i should also talk about dinosaur existence during biblical times. Before the word dinosaur was coined in the 1800's, the word to describe this huge reptilian beast was the word dragon. When people hear this name, they think of magical four-legged beasts with wings that do nothing but terror and don't exist anywhere but imagination. What i am trying to say here, is that the first KJV had dragon mentioned 30-35 times. In today's versions, the name is said less than 7 times. What happened? Well its our fear that we won't be believed in. Also we want to change the Bible so that it can match the current date, but this is incorrect. Gods word can never be changed. Yes, its true the Bible hasn't changed dramatically over thousands of years, but little bits of it have been changed, so that people can think that we are crazy. If you think I am crazy, then i will give you some youtube links Thanks for reading.
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