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TOPIC: Old Friends Don't Stick

Old Friends Don't Stick 3 years 3 months ago #41330

  • AliceInOz
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So... I have this "friend". She's always been a bit insecure, a bit on the mood-swing side, and a bit volatile. I've known her for about 10 years now, and we just got into highschool. You know how highschool is - cliques, drama, stress, the works. Well, there's this girl in Highschool... We'll call her Hay. Hay's the stereotypical "mean" girl. Loud, bossy, pretty, charismatic, annoying. As far as I know, not many people like her (I ran against her for class president and won by a long shot), but somehow she hangs out with everybody. Well, this friend of mine, let's call her Add, has started ditching me for Hay. Which I'm fine with. BUT.. But, she's started doing little things like Hay does. For example, if she wants my attention she just goes (I'll call myself Nic): Nic. Nic. NIC. NIC, LOOK AT ME RIGHT NOW. NIC RIGHT NOW.
Like, ahem. I'm not going to look at you until you ask me to politely have a conversation and or tell me what you want in a tone that's less than obnoxious. She also has started blatantly ignoring me when this Hay girl is around, but then gets upset with me for "not talking to her".

I started hearing rumors that Add had a problem with me, but she came up later and told me that she had no idea where the rumors started and that she had no problem with me. Her mom later called my mom and asked what was going on between us, and my mom found out that Add had, in fact, told a lot of her friends AND my friends that I was being a nuisance. Even her mom said that she was upset with Add for not owning up to her mistakes.

Add also is a bit of a nutcase at times. For example, in math class she'll put her head down and just moan and groan and huff and mess up her hair to the point of looking akin to a cave-woman because she can't understand a math problem, and when we ask to help her she just: NO. YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND... But, like, I do understand. I get the math problem, you're the one who doesn't understand it and I'm perfectly willing to help you if you'd just take my help. Once in church, she started huffing like she usually does for legit no reason, and then she started scratching at her arms. She eventually scratched both arms raw and said she had had an anxiety attack, and threw a fit about how she couldn't wear T-shirts because she had scratches on her arms now, like it was my fault. I told her to stop scratching, and if she was nervous than to just leave and get some fresh air. But she didn't.

If everythings not about her, everythings wrong. She's a drama queen of the worst levels and I just don't know what to do with her. I CANNOT deal with her anymore, but... Should I?

Should I continue to tough through her ridiculousness or straight up tell her to get a therapist, end our friendship, and pray on her own about it. The right thing would be to stay with her, but it's an abusive relationship and I want out. :\ Help?
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Old Friends Don't Stick 3 years 3 months ago #41409

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i see what the problem is if she hangs out with EVERYONE and not you you might what to talk with her mom about the problom i have this in my 5th grade class room and i only have a few friends,to. but what im saying is that the girl my have anger proploms,if this keeps on happeing pry or even tell the CONSALER or maybe your teacher but more and more my happen as long as you pry this might not happen no more!

Thank You
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Old Friends Don't Stick 3 years 2 months ago #41489

  • Mercylove
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Aww...sounds like a hard situation for sure. I kind of have a friend similar to her, but she's gotten better luckily..if she hadn't it would have been difficult for sure. My best advise would probably be to pray, pray, pray! Prayer is very powerful. Try to distance yourself from her a little bit, until she starts acting a bit better. I don't think you should stop being friends, but just distance yourself from her so it's not as hard on you. If you think she'll be okay with it then try talking to her about it. :) Hope this helps!! :) ~Brianna :cheer:
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Old Friends Don't Stick 3 years 3 weeks ago #42748

  • music20000
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WOW. That seems like such a hard friendship (if that's even the right word). I have a friend like that but in my case, next year in highschool, we are parting ways. My best advice is to do as Jesus says and "heap coals on her head" by just being kind and sweet to her (though I think you already are ;) ). You should also try avoiding her if she makes you feel uncomfortable. Lastly, as unreasonable as she may be, try to tell her how you feel.
Good luck! :side:
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