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TOPIC: Enemies

Enemies 4 years 9 months ago #26954

  • Zatanna
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there is this girl I know ever since pre school who was such a great friend at first but lately stopped liking me as a friend, I never took this to the heart however and moved on to grade school (we were in different classes) where until the sixth grade I asked her name since I forgot and she didn't reply. we lately started high school in 2010 and she ended up in my class after a long time again. she had a close friend that became my best friend which I never knew that they were friends but she started telling me bad things about this girl and I sort of believed everything because some it was true, anyways she finally got to break us up and when I wasn't thinking I asked her to come with me and my new friend and she said no, after that she was the god of our class because she took my friend, I didn't care because I am good at letting people go easily. the girl however (ex best friend)found new friends and left her, the surprising thing was she came to me and my new friend and tried to do the same thing for three years and the amazing thing about my new friend was that she had a decision to go but she didn't and the girl got angry and she left the reason she wanted my new friend who is my present best friend is because she wants what is in my best friend's head because she tops the class most of the time only 1st or 2nd and the girl hates me more because I beat her in test but now she is treating me nice and I think she is up to something because now I have three best friends and we call ourselves the fab 4 and she wanted to be apart of us but she wants to be the leader and also wants to choose who should stay and who should go but my amazing friends stood out and she got angry and told people bad things about us and now she has teamed up with this other girl in my class to break us up but their not getting there. now since she is acting all nice in front of my friends and mean behind their backs what do you think I should do?
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Re: Enemies 4 years 9 months ago #27237

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seriously im not following, im lost. please use full stops
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Re: Enemies 4 years 8 months ago #28098

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I think I've caught your point...

Those are who I call "Frenemies" They act your friend, but they are really your enemy. I'm not the person to hate anybody, so I'll just give you a little advice.

Just act like she's your friend, and be the nicest person to her. She will think you are up to something, and you are: you're going to be continuing to be nice to her no matter what--and ignore what she does to you. She doesn't "steal" friends. She is having some competition with you. If you ignore the competition, maybe she won't pay attention to you. If things get any better, maybe you will be friends once again.... I hope.

If she's up to something, then ask your parents for advice, they'll seem to know what to do. Trust me, I take advice from my parents :)
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Re: Enemies 4 years 8 months ago #28131

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Sounds like your "friends" are turning out to not be such good friends, huh?

I'd pray about it. Pray that God will help you find a friend that will stick with you.
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