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TOPIC: antisocial

antisocial 5 years 6 months ago #1920

I'm trying to become more social. I've always been really quiet, but this school year I've started to get better. Even though I'm better I still am really antisocial. I need some help with starting conversations and confidence tips because I usually have to work up some confidence just to say hi to people i don't usually talk to. Can anyone help with advice?
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Re: antisocial 5 years 6 months ago #1960

  • Godsadvicegiver12
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Ask God to help you have the confidence to talk to people.
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Re: antisocial 5 years 1 month ago #12657

  • dancer4god
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First of all, pray for God to give you courage to talk to new people. Second, (I know this is going to sound really weird, but it's how I do it.) just make yourself do it. Just tell yourself, "OK, I'm going to go say 'Hi' to (insert person's name here)." A good conversation starter seems to be if anything interesting has happened to them lately. Another is if you have any funny memories of yourself AND that person.
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Re: antisocial 5 years 3 weeks ago #13011

  • SabverToothTiiger
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First, ask God for help. After you do that, believe that He can make you more social. As for talking tips, try to talk to someone you sort of know over the internet....facebook for example. After you talked a couple times, and see them during school, just say something like, "Hey [name], what's up?" Sounds simple, haha, but it works. They might say something about their day, and then you can ask them about something they mentioned. Example: "Hey, not much. My sister's birthday party was yesterday." You might say something like, "Really? Cool, so did you help out?" or "What kind was the cake?" Or make a joke.

Hope that helped. :)
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Re: antisocial 5 years 3 weeks ago #13098

  • statoo
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What I did was to work from the ground up, suck in your breath and say hi to somebody, put yourself in a situation. Then just talk, God will help you,and meet thier freiends and so on
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Re: antisocial 5 years 3 weeks ago #13354

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hi!i am a very social person and i love to make new friends! i am always nice to everyone and i am very respectful!(also i am a VERY LAUGHY PERSON) i dont know how you act with others but my suggestions are be a nice person! never say bad things about someone and to start out a conversation you should SAY TO someone "hey i love ur shoes" or something simple,BUT 1ST YOU CANT JUST SAY IT OUT OF NOWHERE, WAIT FOR THE RIGHT TIME AND PLACE, then b4 u know you will have lots of friends. Pray and ask God for help thats what i did and trust me it feels great talking to pple now:) Reflect God and everything will go well:)
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