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TOPIC: friends at church

friends at church 3 years 10 months ago #36242

k, so my parents encourage me to talk about things appropriate for sabbath on Saturday. i dont really think this is quite fair because im homeschooled and dont get to talk to some of my friends other than at church. so how am i supposed to find something to talk about if it can only be spiritual things or related to? and this is the only time i get to talk to them, its not like i can other times about non-sabbath stuff......whats your opinion???
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Re: friends at church 3 years 10 months ago #36428

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I think that your parents are right about talking about Sabbath appropiate things on Saturday. Talking about the latest fashion or buying the latest make up doesn't help us spend time with God, and it's important to spend time with God on Sabbath. (I'm not saying that yoy talk about those things, it was just an example.)
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Re: friends at church 3 years 10 months ago #36814

I'm homeschooled too and I'm really introverted and shy so I don't talk to people much either...I think your parents are right to say that you should talk about Sabbath-related things on the Sabbath...but I'm kinda guilty of wandering off topic too! I have this one friend that I hang out with every other Sabbath and we talk about EVERYTHING--from what we read in Bible study to Hunger Games to celebrities and to pretty much everything else! But we try to keep our topics uplifting and good, which is fitting for the Sabbath (in my opinion). My friend and I don't see each other that often which is why we like to tell each other what happened during our week on Sabbath. But you know...if your parents want you to stay on a certain topic, you probably should. My parents also talk about EVERYTHING on Sabbath with other people, so their rule is different, which is why I talk about several different things on Sabbath...But, still, you should listen to your parents :) B)

(Sorry so long :P )
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