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TOPIC: Read This and Glean!!!

Read This and Glean!!! 4 years 7 months ago #27922

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I personally find it very annoying and disrespectful when teenagers think they can text their friends during church time. Or when they wear certain clothes like its a beauty pageant :angry: Grr. Or, when 6, 7 it 8 year olds play with their dolls or toy cars and distract other worshipers. There honestly is no point of bringing your kids to church if they act like its a free for all smf start acting like its not God's House. Who's with me here? Comments?

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Re: Read This and Glean!!! 4 years 7 months ago #28119

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I answered to your other topic about this. :)
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Re: Read This and Glean!!! 4 years 6 months ago #30590

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hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I agree..when they talk and talk and talk and you can't even hear what the pastor is saying.. it happens a lot here in chile
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Re: Read This and Glean!!! 4 years 1 week ago #35041

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I tottally agree. We are allowed to draw, but our parents tell us to draw or write sabbath and that we come to listen, sing and pray. Also this is becoming a problem. Kids leran a lot at young ages. What i am trying to say is that kids will get into there heads that church and sabbath school are a playground and a cafeteria. Because, most kids come with toys, and also snacks. Dont forget that technology is also getting in the way of worship. phone and tablet games are played in places where they shouldnt. This has been a terrible blow from satan. This is his work because he is the one that tries to distract children from singing, praying, and listening to the gospel. But this is also not the kids fault. It depends on the family. I am not saying that these parents are bad, but i think its a strategy to keep kids quiet or occupied during these services. But are these strategies working or making kids noisier? I dont know about you guys, but my kids are going to be limited with there hands on such things. They will have to learn to eat at home and to play with toys at home, and technology has to be used for church. I remember one day at church that we both watched a toddler play a dentist game on a phone. My mom remarked, "What will happen to the next generation with all this technology?" Yeah what will happen? As pre teens and teens, lets try to keep the spiritual worship alive so that the next generation can have it. Because if not, and no offence, but we would be as crazy as the Catholics were. So come guys, lets preserve the proper way of worship before our Heavenly Father.

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- Chorus of "Let me sing" by Andrew Peterson
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