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TOPIC: SO confused

SO confused 5 years 8 months ago #1631

So, I have had a crush on this guy in my church and when I tell him, he's cool with it but just wants to be friends. Totally fine. Then,like 2 days ago on facebook, he says that he has been going solo for 2 years, but now he is thinking of getting a girlfriend. he wants to know if that's weird. I say no and he replies by saying "so yeah i guess im on the market". is that like a big hint to me? then later he askes if IM on the market. akward. i say i guess and he asks if there is anyone in particular. he says his bro had said that i liked someone else. i said no i still kind of like you (b/c im trying to get over one little crush) Then he says, im not sure how i feel about you anymore...i was before, but now im not. i told him i wasn't sure either. he said "I used to not like you....but now im not sure." my heart skipped a beat. literally. so NOW im not sure what to do or how to feel. i know it is my choice, but im only 14 (almost 15) and have had NO experience with boys b4. HELP!!! :( please. i have been praying about it but i still don't know what to think.....please give me some advice! (btw, he is really nice, charming, a sda christian, and all that good stuff) :D
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Re: SO confused 5 years 8 months ago #1693

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Dear Friend,

I understand your struggle. Feelings about boys can be very confusing. Furthermore, it seems he is confused about his feelings toward you as well. This is part of the reason that I do not recommend people your age pursue serious dating relationships.

Instead, why not simply enjoy one another as friends? Whether texting, talking seeing each other in Sabbath School or hanging out with a group of friends, you all can spend time together without the social pressure that often comes with dating or being someone's girlfriend.

Check out my comments under the topic "CRUSH" for more on this matter.

Dr. C
Dr. C
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