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LolingforJesus wrote:
endershadow112 wrote:
SRNitro wrote:
SirGeneralCliche wrote:
LolingforJesus wrote:
BeAnxiousForNothing wrote:

You are a sinner in need of a Savior. That Savior is Jesus, and He saved you from sin. It's not something that will happen in the future...you're assured your salvation right now. Therefore, if you're washed in the blood of Christ, you're a saint. In God's eyes, you're a saint because Christ's character was put over your sinful one. Even though you still live in this sinful world and make mistakes sometimes, you're covered with Jesus' righteousness. So you're a saint.

Paul addresses the believers as saints, and I don't conside this blasphemous in the least. To me, it doesn't sound like he's focusing on our works. It seems like he's focusing on Jesus. And because his focus is Jesus, he's able to say we're saints, because it's only once we place Jesus as the focal point that we can say with truth that we are saints.

I hope I helped someone out! And please don't take this personally. I'm stating my opinion, not enforcing a fact. :)
oh, I'm not saying that we are not saints.
I just prefer not to call myself a saint...
I don't know it seems kind of like a stupid thing to say. I understand why Prov17 said it and it was because someone asked him if he thought he was. But if you're like mentioning it all the time and almost bragging about it, you come off like your on a high horse and your putting yourself on a pedestal.

Plus, while we are saints, it still gives the wrong impression, because of the way the term is used nowadays. So it's best not to use it because it'll give people the wrong idea, as you can probably tell from this whole argument.
Thank u @SRNitro and @endershadow112 that's all I was trying to say, it comes off as prideful even though I know your guy's intentions are good
It doesn’t have to, though.
There is a fine difference between “I’m a saint” and “We are saints”
All rules have exceptions, including this one.
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