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TOPIC: Lesson 1: Judging (July 1, 2017)

Lesson 1: Judging (July 1, 2017) 4 months 3 weeks ago #80808

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Kenneth gets straight A’s in school. He is respected by the teachers and other students as one of the smartest guys in the class. Randy, who has to work hard just to do better than average, observed Kenneth using a cheat sheet during a major science exam. He was shocked. He kept the information to himself, but he watched during every exam, and sure enough, Kenneth cheated every time. When Kenneth got an award at assembly for academic success, Randy wanted to stand up and expose this cheater for the fraud that he was. One of Randy’s friends, Craig, commented on how he wished he could get good grades like Kenneth. That was all Randy could take. He coolly replied to Craig, “You can get good grades like Kenneth, if you cheat.” And then he walked off in a storm.

How should Randy, as a Christian, deal with his anger toward Kenneth and his outburst at the lockers with his friend Craig? What would have been the ideal response when he first noticed the cheating? What should he do about it now?
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Lesson 1: Judging (July 1, 2017) 4 months 3 weeks ago #80810

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Before he bottled up his anger, Randy should have told a teacher or someone in charge.

But now that it has escalated to the point that he had an outburst on his friend, I feel like he should still tell the teacher and apologize to his friend and calmly explain to him that he had an outburst because he held in all that anger.
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Lesson 1: Judging (July 1, 2017) 4 months 2 weeks ago #80940

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He should have quietly told a teacher that he thought he saw Kenneth with a cheat sheet. At least that would get the teacher to pay closer attention and perhaps catch Ken. He can still do that, and he should probably explain to his friend why he had been so mad.
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