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TOPIC: How to get a guy to NOT like you

How to get a guy to NOT like you 3 months 1 day ago #86401

  • lovenikki7
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Kwesi wrote:
Wear so much makeup that you will make One Direction go another direction



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How to get a guy to NOT like you 4 days 21 hours ago #90223

  • Cool Cat
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20awesome00 wrote:
Cool Cat wrote:
Tell him u ain't interested and if he don't leave u alone run away gagging every time he comes near. That should get the message though.
Lol way to be sensitive!
Lol ikr
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How to get a guy to NOT like you 4 days 5 hours ago #90232

  • Mp137
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All your ideas would work, definitely, but they’re a bit stupid :lol:

Just talk to him and say you don’t have any feelings for him. Say that if he has any for you, they aren’t reciprocated. And leave it at that. It’s really not so difficult
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How to get a guy to NOT like you 3 days 23 hours ago #90235

  • jGod8865
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Mynameisntdave wrote:
So Thursday, I was sitting at lunch and this guy, whom I shall call Todd, comes up to talk to a guy at my table he knows, and I (being the nice person I am) smiles at him, and he was like "you have a pretty smile". So I'm like "ok great thanks, a little wierd but OK". Then in Spanish, he sits by me. Okay. Wierd but whatever. Then I started laughing at something and Todd pops off and says "you have a cute laugh" so I look at him wierdly and continue writing time before the hour in Spanish. Then he goes on to say "i feel like we could become great friends if we would talk but im scared to talk to you because your cute" then I said "what the avacados Todd??? Are you okay?? " Then he asked questions like what's my favorite color and where do I live (being smart I told him like the opposite side of town) and then says a few more wierd things I'm not gonna say, then the teacher had to come by and make it wierd by assigning partners randomly. Of course I got Todd. He did basically the same thing yesterday. And I really DO NOT LIKE HIM. I'm not being mean but, he hangs out with bad people, he smokes, he's only 5'3" , he gets bad grades (as in all.zeros cuz he doesn't even try), and hes not even slightly attractive. But he seems like a good (ish) person and I really wanna tell him he's being a creep and tell him he short and I wouldn't date him for $153,576,809.63 and plus I'd die of second hand smoke, but I don't wanna be mean. So any suggestions?? Plus he looks 45 he is 3 years older than me and in the same grade.

Btw I used to have an account on here, and I just thought I'd come ask you people.

What about for $153,576,809.64?

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