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TOPIC: The Deflatriots?

The Deflatriots? 8 years 2 weeks ago #44459

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OK so you guys probably know about the whole Patriots incident. The game before the Super Bowl that the Patriots played, they were accused afterwards of deflating their footballs (It makes it easier to catch and throw). They ended up winning that game 42-3 (I think), so I don't think it was that big of a deal.. But when they miraculously beat the Seahawks in the Super Bowl, everyone was mad that they let the "Cheaters" win… I think that they're just being sore losers :whistle: , but what are your thoughts?
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The Deflatriots? 7 years 11 months ago #45501

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Even though I'm a big Seahawks fan, I think that the Patriots didn't do it on purpose. In the AFC championship game against the Colts, the weather was terrible. I saw that it was pouring rain, winds up to 30-40 mph, and cold. These things might have been the cause of the footballs being deflated. And btw the Seahawks should have run the ball again with Lynch in the Super Bowl. He got close in the first run, I thought the Seahawks would give him another chance.
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The Deflatriots? 7 years 10 months ago #45580

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It wasn't intentional. According to a Sports Science report, a ball that is under-inflated actually travels through the air slower, making it easier to intercept. The weather conditions of that game probably did cause a few to deflate, because they were taken from a warm room to a cold arena. Though it was first reported that 11 of 12 balls were under-inflated, a later report stated that only one was significantly under, while the other 11 were only a few ticks under the legal minimum.

The one under-inflated ball was the product of a first half interception, where the Colts defender who intercepted Brady wanted to have the ball saved for him, a common practice with cornerbacks and safeties. It was also reported that he was the one who tipped off Colts equipment managers about the balls, but he denied it.

Boomer Esiason pretty much accused the Colts of setting the Patriots up, pointing out the fact that the one ball that was significantly under inflated was in the Colts possession for half of a quarter. The Colts also did tip off the NFL before the game that the Patriots were using under inflated footballs.

The Patriots didn't actually win that game because of the passing game. They won because LeGarrete Blount ran over the Colts. Even if it was intentional, a deflated football does not make tackling a player any harder. Colts players admitted they hadn't been prepared enough, and said they probably could have been defeated with a beach ball.
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