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TOPIC: Just a little ranting...

Just a little ranting... 10 years 6 days ago #20445

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How many of you people are on an acro team? In case you don't know it's basically cheerleading, but with out the cheerleading. Just the gymnastics. Now, say you were the second smallest person. (This is talking about last school year, and I was that person) You would get put on the top a lot, right? Wrong. I was that kid who's just constantly in the corner with her perfect splits and smallness. (And 5 years of gymnastics prior.) There are 3 people on my acro team that the whole world revolves around. One of those people agrees with me, too. If one of them gets their splits, they get 5 new moves to accomodate them. If I or one of the other ignored people gets our splits, we sit in the middle of the mats hoping the coach will notice. Some of those 3 people aren't really that great; they don't always do things right the first time, whereas us ignored majority would try our very hardest to do it right. That select few know that if they don't get it right, everybody else has to break their backs, spleens, pancreas, face, arm, face, face, and face to help. If the rest of the small people get it wrong the first time, it's out the window for them; they had their chance, they failed. It's so annoying.The only sad thing about the 5 prior years of gymnastics training is again the ignored-ness. Even still, the biggest of the 3 is maybe 5 pounds less than me. 5 pounds. I had been on my school's extra-curricular gymnastics team from the start; back in 2008. All that time I learned how to do... um... I don't know. I do feel, though, that my gymnastics future is bright. When I go to academy in a few years, I'll try out for the acro team there. I enjoy going to the annual clinics they hold, where everyone is accepted and gets a chance to learn and be on the top. Sometimes my coach still acts like us ignored peeps don't know how to do anything, so we never ever get the chance to be on top. What I'm looking forward to the most is the aerial silks. I have gotten about a total of 20 minutes on that looooooooooooong piece of silk, but those were the best 20 minutes of my life. I learned like 5 easy but pretty moves. It's easy if you can follow instructions and have MAJOR upper body strength. (I don't really that much, but I will)I'm really getting to where I passionately dislike gymnastics. I decided to quit wasting my family's time and money, so I quit taking after-school gymnastics where I learned how to do... like, um... maybe...no. I do really enjoy keeping fit though. I'm at the point in my flexibility that I have both side splits and almost my center, a decent scorpion, and a good backbend. I will keep my flexibility up, but art and writing are my real passion.

As a matter of fact, on a website called Wattpad, I'm writing basically a meta-narrative of the story of David, which I titled Run. My username is ivolunteer. I should post on the Talent Showcase some of my drawings, acrylic paintings, and watercolors!!! Yay!
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Just a little ranting... 2 years 6 months ago #99352

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I really want to try acro
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Just a little ranting... 5 months 3 weeks ago #126954

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pathfinder4ever wrote:
I really want to try acro
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