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"Come on Garfield, just a little farther!" - nato   (106 people like this)
"The early bird might get the worm, but the second cat gets the mice." - Allison C   (56 people like this)
"See? I told you it would help if we watched Tom & Jerry!" - AbigailGodgirl   (53 people like this)
"Come and get it!!" - HorsesRgreat   (39 people like this)
"Cat trap." - Allison C   (33 people like this)
"'Just remember to not eat the cheese.' and the other mouse replied 'Umm... OKAY! Can I please have the cheese?!' 'NO!'" - SRNitro   (33 people like this)
"Come here nice kitty kitty" - gigi4god   (30 people like this)
"Mouse: Isn't irony a great thing?" - Science Guy   (28 people like this)
"almost there..... 'SNAP'! yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" - Mr. Missionary   (28 people like this)
"You can do it, just a little farther" - Sk8er4God   (27 people like this)
"A little Closer,closer, closer PERFECT!!" - Big al   (27 people like this)
"You've ran straight into your own trap" - Birdie500   (25 people like this)
"Mice:The plan will work I'm sure of nit. Cat:This is just what I want them to think.It's just a fake hand." - deadly ninja   (23 people like this)
"come get ya cheese!" - Birdie500   (17 people like this)
"Mouse: Hey! A mouse trap turned into a cat trap! It comes in handy. Cat: OUCH!" - trobinette   (17 people like this)
"Cat Nail Clipper" - cute4god   (16 people like this)
"'Your finger will be good with cheese'" - GabrielEcua7   (15 people like this)
"Mouse: Great, just a little farther." - Prov17   (14 people like this)
"´Here kitty kitty kitty´" - Razena   (12 people like this)
"Now whose outsamarted?" - AndrewDrewWW   (10 people like this)
"Mouse 1: 'This was a really great idea, Mickey! Mouse 2: 'Best one I ever had.'" - llama66   (8 people like this)
"YOU CAN HAVE IT, OUR PLEASURE" - daughterofGOD   (8 people like this)
"This cheeses looks yumm.... HHHHHEEEEEELLLLLLPPPPP" - ezekiel707   (8 people like this)
"'Ok kitty. Just a little to the right. No, not too much! A little to the left but just a little. Hmmm, there we go! Perfect. Continue your forward chase!'" - Birdie500   (8 people like this)
"Eeny Meeny Miney Mo,catch a tiger by the toe....." - cachrist   (8 people like this)
"wait for it....." - pennylover12   (7 people like this)
"sorry i'm just hungry" - ezekiel707   (7 people like this)
"Mice: Come get us! Cat: okay! Wow this is the first time mice have come to me OOOOOOOWWWWWW!" - bnll5   (7 people like this)
"I thought Garfield was nice to mice..." - Roll Tide Man   (7 people like this)
"This cheeses looks yumm.... HHHHHEEEEEELLLLLLPPPPP" - ezekiel707   (7 people like this)
"Doing Good!" - mascota2010   (6 people like this)
"mice: 'This should do the trick!' cat: 'Come here little mice! Almost gotcha...... (4 seconds later) SNAP! cat: MEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! I'LL GET YOU ONE OF THESE DAYS, YOU FILTHY RODENTS!!!!!!!! mice: 'hahahaha!!!! We outsmarted the cat this time!'" - dfoss32   (6 people like this)
"Curiosity killed the cat." - S123   (6 people like this)
"We r close by come on now" - chishabev   (5 people like this)
"ITS A TRAP -star wars analogy" - KawaiiArtist   (5 people like this)
"Pop goes the 'cat trap!'" - Allison C   (5 people like this)
"Mouse: 'Yeah now hears the sugar.'" - jGod8865   (5 people like this)
"First mouse: 'A little to the right... forwards a bit... Yeah! there you go!'" - emmykitty   (5 people like this)
"Perfect chance: Let's hurt the cat!3-2-1 - Ouch!" - smileygon10   (4 people like this)
"Cat:come on see wh gets it first if I get it first then.... If you get it first then I'll eat it and.... Maybe..... YOU!!!!! Rat one: ahhhhhh run! Rat two: to late" - athompson2224   (4 people like this)
"ok.................................." - hannahpiroski193   (4 people like this)
"And they set up these traps for us!!" - gymnast4theL0rd   (4 people like this)
"Yep just come a little farther to the left a little...nope that's your right other left...mhmmm just a little bit farther. Keep it coming. Keep it coming. *whisper* And people think we're stupid!" - Cupcakes   (4 people like this)
"We are geniuses!" - pennylover12   (3 people like this)
"he he you will feel our raty trap" - trobinette   (3 people like this)
"Our deal: You get the cheese first , and then we take what you haven't had." - daughterofGOD   (3 people like this)
"mouse 1-''Yep, right there!'' mouse 2-'' does he really think we're gonna fall for that?!''" - Killer_K   (3 people like this)
"Ready Aim..." - KawaiiArtist   (3 people like this)
"Mice: Just reach the cheese, and NO farther! Cat: Whatcha sayin? Do I hear mice in there? Why isn't my arm just a little longer?" - SusanW   (3 people like this)
"So who do you think it'll be next?" - ramitta   (3 people like this)
"A little closer. Just a little bit closer." - adrierocks   (3 people like this)
"'Ummm that wasn't meant to be for you, but Ok!!!'" - emmy01   (3 people like this)
"'This should teach that big ol' cat a lesson!'" - Kier.angel   (3 people like this)
"Mouse 1:Just a little further........ no, Mike! I told you not to eat the cheese! Well, he was annoying. I'm glad he's gone. Mouse 2: I'm still here, John. Mouse 1: Heh heh. Did you hear what I said? Mouse 2: Yup. Every word. Mouse 1: Uh oh. (Mouse 2 gives him death stare.) Mouse 1: Yikes!" - 12pearlygates   (2 people like this)
"come on cat a little bit more!" - horsegirl04   (2 people like this)
"mice:That cat is going to grab the cheese in 5...4...3...2...1 mouse trap:SNAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Unicornia" - Unicornia   (2 people like this)
"Hey kitty kitty, just one more inch and you have the mouse come on kitty kitty it's not going to hurt you (Maybe just a little bit but no). Nice one man he's going to get it!!!" - caligirl   (2 people like this)
"Mouse 1: Dude I reallllllllly want that cheese. Mouse 2: Come and get it! Mouse 1: Really? (runs toward mousetrap) Mouse 2: NO not you *Snap* the cat! Mouse 1: OWWWWWWW" - artlover43   (2 people like this)
"a little bit to the right.... perfet!! hold still!" - mnakime   (2 people like this)
"'That's right, easy does it. Just a little farther.' AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! 'There we go'" - jGod8865   (2 people like this)
"Cat: Now where is that mouse? Mice: Right here yikes! you almost got me! Cat: Now I have him:) oouucchh!!!!!" - Ruthie   (2 people like this)
"'So, son, if a cat offers you cheese, what do you say?' 'GOOD!' 'Say NO!' 'NO!'" - LolingforJesus   (2 people like this)
"Just A Little Farther..." - the_trinity   (2 people like this)
"CAT: Here you go Mr. Boss Mice I brought you food just as you said in a very fancy plate mouse1: Thank you very much. mouse2: [sweat] Very dangerous fancy plate." - Haddie 1   (2 people like this)
"Mice use mouse traps for cats?" - jodiaz   (2 people like this)
"so you've heard of catching fish..this is how we, the kitties catch mice for supper" - Enisa   (1 people like this)
"This cat should have stuck his head in first." - Flight#31   (1 people like this)
"We are genius's! 5...4...3...2...1..." - KKAT4   (1 people like this)
"Mouse#1: I told you my idea would work! Mouse#2: yup you were right" - Hayleebelle   (1 people like this)
"that its a little farther you are on mouse tv come on that is it ah go on paw on it" - yelldan1572   (1 people like this)
"thats it just a little further come on." - PrinceofGod   (1 people like this)
"finnally the Outsiders get a taste of their own medecine!! (witch is as bad as castor oil)!!" - ClimberforGod   (1 people like this)
"That's right, just a little further." - mud   (1 people like this)
":paw: reaches in: :trap: does its thing: :cat: MEOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -CherryBomb" - CherryBomb   (1 people like this)
"Wait. is that cat Fireheart??" - Whitetiger456   (1 people like this)
"mice: mmmm that cheese I think I will eat it anyway <crash> oouuch" - jesus1   (1 people like this)
"Two mice vs one cat. Interesting." - itz.joel.11.kid   (1 people like this)
"Mouse 1: This is gonna work Mouse 2: Yep Cat: Good thing I brought along this fake cat arm!" - evecat   (1 people like this)
"Rat: Get a load of this guy, this is what happens when you don't social distance" - pblake20   (1 people like this)
"I though he didn’t like cheese!?!?" - Readingandrainbows   (1 people like this)
"'ok'" - Hayleigh1254   (1 people like this)
"cat: *stretching as far as he can* almost.. got.. them.. mice: lil' further.. cat: snap. OWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Cooldude_fr_Jesus_2021   (1 people like this)
"Come closer. Okay, fine. Come closer, PLEASE." - Tucker Barnes   (1 people like this)
"Mouse: That's right, just a little bit closer." - mud
"Mice: that's right. just a bit closer and you get the 'milk'" - mud
"come on tar you can do it haaaaaaaaa" - PrinceofGod
"Just A Little Closer.......SNAP!!!!!!!!OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - mud
"When you realize that life is tough being a cat. :-(" - itz.joel.11.kid
"Cat: They're awfully quiet. Mouse: He won't know what hit him" - the_trinity
"'They're Pinky and the Brain.'" - Godiscool
"Mouse: Closer Closer come on cat we're right here that's it! SNAP!! ha ha that's what you get for stick your paw in our mouse hole. Cat: OW! You'll pay for that mice!!!" - LukePathfinder
"Come and Get Us!" - ?Lavender
"Mouse-“Just a little to the left... when is snaps we grab the cheese.” Cat-“I know your in there... OUCH!!!”" - sunmel
"Yo whats up with the sharp orange thing? I dont know larry but it dosn't look good exept that nice cheese they gave us." -
"Reach a little further, and you'll get whats coming to you." - wannabewritergirl
"Eeny meeny miney mo, catch a kitty by the toe...IF HE HOLLERS MAKE HIM PAY FIFTY CHEESES EVERY DAY!" - cachrist