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Mud (Nature)
Guide's nature columnist, Rich Aguilera, loves to explore God's creation. He travels the world looking for evidences of Creation and the Flood and sharing his discoveries with kids and adults.

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New School Year! New WhatzIT!
Happy New School Year!  As you dust off your brains and get back into school mode, let's see how you do with this weeks' return of the WhatzIT...
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Aug 28, 2014
Hey! Didn't I See You at Oshkosh? UPDATED!
UPDATED! Here are some pictures of a few of you I've run into here at Oshkosh!
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Aug 18, 2014
Scary Creatures of the Ocean!
This week in the Guide I wrote about some of the scariest creatures in the ocean. Here is a video clip...
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Aug 18, 2014
After years of waiting, the time is finally here! OSHKOSH CAMPOREE!  I know not every one of you can be there, I wish it was so, but for those of you that get the opportunity to go, I hope I get to run into you! Where to find me...and what to do...
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Aug 8, 2014
This Tree is Bigger than a WalMart!
Hold on, did I read correctly?  A tree that covers more area than a typical Walmart? Is that possible? You better read on...
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Jul 25, 2014
Will I See You Soon?
I move around a lot. If I'm not doing speaking events, I'm on some adventure filming something...  
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Jul 17, 2014
Stand up for the Creator!
This week in the news I came across an article that I thought was quite interesting. As you know, I like to write and talk about God as our Creator. I don't have a problem standing up and telling anyone what I believe.  This week I was surprised how a politician stood up and did the same.   WHAT?  A POLITICIAN?  Read on...
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Jul 11, 2014
Happy Independance day!
Happy Independance Day! Some people also call this holiday "The Fourth of July" but I prefer the name "Independance day" because it better reflects what we're celebrating--  Independance.  Freedom.  The question is, what are you doing with your independance?...
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Jul 4, 2014
Go Grass!
I know the whole world is cheering on their favorite football (soccer) teams this month, but are you remembering to cheer the grass they're playing on? God made it!  This month in my column I talk about what the World Cup would be like without grass...
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Jun 26, 2014
World Cup Fever!
Ok. It's true. I have World Cup fever.  Although millions of people in the United States aren't even aware that the World Cup is officially underway now, I can't help but take a moment to blog about this exciting event.
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Jun 13, 2014
Newest WhatzIT Revealed!
Time to reveal our latests WhatzIT!  I'm please to announce that several of you got it right.  The answer is...
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Jun 5, 2014
WhatzIT Time!
WhatzIT is back. But you say, "Oh, this is an easy one."   But I say, "No, it's not. It's NOT what you think it is..."
Posted by Rich Aguilera on May 29, 2014
Super Storm Timelapse!
Storms can occur anywhere, anytime.  Spring is typically a very stormy time of year for many parts of our country, but earlier this week a few storm chasers caught an amazing supercell cloud formation in action.  This is a really cool time lapse video shot by a team of weather people following this amazing cloud formation.
Posted by Rich Aguilera on May 21, 2014
Wildest Bike Ride
Sure, I like riding my bike. Taking long nature rides is a favorite thing to do. It's a great way to get out into God's nature and see some amazing scenery. This is a little too extreme though...
Posted by Rich Aguilera on May 15, 2014
Rich on 3ABN's Kids' Time
I'm happy to make a special announcement to you guys here in my blog.  I'll give you a clue, it involves 3ABN.
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Apr 30, 2014
Big Universe, Big God!
Sometimes we sit and stare out into space and there's really no way of fully appreciating how big our universe is.  This video will try to put it into scale a little bit...
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Apr 18, 2014
Did YOU see the eclipse?
How many of you saw the eclipse tonight?  Post if you did!
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Apr 15, 2014
Eclipse Next Week!
Next week most of us will have the unique opportunity to see an eclipse!
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Apr 10, 2014
Whatzit Revealed!
OK, time to reveal last weeks WhatzIt.  There were a lot of great guesses, but only "I am a boss" got it right...
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Apr 3, 2014
Time for Another WhatzIT!
It's that time again, time for a new WhatzIT!
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Mar 28, 2014
Spring is Coming, Eventually
In a more normal year, most of the United States would now be enjoying the beginning signs of Spring coming. As you know, this has not been a normal year. Here's a picture of my street yesterday...
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Mar 13, 2014
Go to Summer Camp!
For the most awesome and amazing week of your summer, go to summer camp! 
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Mar 7, 2014
Get Ready to Feel Creeped Out!
This week in the magazine I talk about some guests you probably didn't know were living on your body.
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Feb 21, 2014
Ok, More Funny Animals!
Since you asked for more funny animals, I am happy to comply.  Here are a bunch of more for you!
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Feb 12, 2014
More Funny Animals!
Ok, if you haven't figured it out by now, I love to laugh. I'm back with a handful of new funny animals to put a smile on your face. Enjoy!
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Feb 6, 2014
WhatzIT Revealed
Time to reveal last weeks WhatzIT!  Want to know what it is?  See that little "Check it out" down there?  You know what to do...
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Jan 23, 2014
Giant Pyrosomes!
In this week's issue of Guide magazine, I talk about some amazing and weird ocean creatures called pyrosomes.  Check out this amazing underwater video clip!
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Jan 16, 2014
Another WhatzIT!
Yes friends! It's time to try your hand at another WhatzIT! Click below to take a look at the super duper close-up image.
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Jan 16, 2014
Surprise meeting!
Just a couple of weeks ago I ran into some very special people.  Can you guess who this one is before clicking on the CHECK IT OUT link?
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Jan 2, 2014
This Week in the Magazine...
This week in the magazine I was mentioning if you are a Pathfinder or a survivalist, I would show you a video that teaches you how to make fire using bamboo. Here it is!
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Dec 18, 2013
More Funny Stuff...
Ok, last week a few of you asked for more funny/cheesy stuff that may or may not make you laugh.  I gotta a least try...
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Dec 6, 2013
Thanksgiving Message...and funny stuff.
I want to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving! Remember to enjoy your time with your family, but don't forget to be thankful to God for the many blessings.  One way to know you are enjoying your day is if you are smiling and laughing a lot.  Here's a couple of cheesy funnies in case you need them...
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Nov 28, 2013
50 Years Ago on November 22
Exactly 50 years ago on November 22, the United States suffered a very dark day in its history. I recently visited this historic spot.

On November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed in Dealey Plaza, in Dallas, Texas.  It makes me sad to think how humans sometimes treat each other.  These are the effects of sin which originated when Satan coveted God's glory, and then transferred to us when he convinced Adam and Eve to disobey God. 

In this recent photo, I am with my family standing in Dealey Plaza, in Dallas.  If you look at the "X" on the road where we are standing, it is the exact spot where President Kennedy was in his car when he received the fatal shot.

I can't wait till God returns one day to removed us from this sinful world!

Posted by Rich Aguilera on Nov 22, 2013
Two Guide Stars in a Month!
As you know, I travel around quite a bit. In the last couple weeks though, I've had the privilege of meeting up with two special "Guide Stars"....
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Nov 21, 2013
International Camporee Next Summer!
The International Pathfinder Camporee is ONLY 9 months away!  Will I see you there?
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Nov 15, 2013
Watch Polar Bears LIVE!
Thanks to modern technology, we can now watch polar bears gather on the banks of Hudson Bay while they wait for sea ice to form so they can go hunt for some food.
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Nov 7, 2013
Want to Soar Like an Eagle?
Have you ever daydreamed about soaring like an eagle?  Amusement park rides have even tried to build rides to give you this sensation.  Today, you can actually see what it looks like!  But you're going to have to click here...
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Oct 31, 2013
Two Oarfish in One Week!
This was an interesting week in the world of marine biology!  Not only did ONE of these giant oarfish get discovered, TWO of them were found!
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Oct 24, 2013
Mud Bonus Video! Geology
This week in the magazine I talk about a new BONUS Mud Video.  Here it is!
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Oct 17, 2013
Brand New Island Forms
This last week in the news I saw an article that caught my eye, a brand new island formed in Pakistan.  Aw, a baby island. So cute.
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Oct 3, 2013
The WhatzIT Revealed!
Tis time to reveal this weeks WhatzIT!  I'm pleased to announce that several of you got it!

Posted by Rich Aguilera on Sep 26, 2013
WhatzIT in the Magazine this Week!
I've been doing WhatzIT's in my blog for some time now, but this week in my printed column, I challenged you with a WhatzIT on good ol' paper! 
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Sep 20, 2013
Apple Quiz Answers
Ok, peeps, let's reveal the answers to last weeks apple quiz.  Did you guess?  How did you do?
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Sep 19, 2013
Praying for Colorado
You may have heard in the news that this last week Colorado took a beating from nature...
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Sep 19, 2013
The Mud Apple Quiz
It's apple season!  As many of you know, I live in Michigan where apples grow plentiful.  I love apples, especially right off the tree when they're super fresh and crunchy and they practically explode in your mouth.  It's also pretty cool when you bit an apple and accidentally splash a friend that's like 5 feet away.  Sweet.  Let's see how much you know about apples...
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Sep 12, 2013
Central America Photo Album
About a month ago I mentioned in my blog that this past summer I spent a few weeks in Central America doing a speaking tour through 9 cities in 3 countries.  I also mentioned I would share some pictures.  Here they are!...
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Sep 5, 2013
And the Fastest Spinning Guide Reader is...
Last week I posted a question to see which Guide Reader out there was the closest to the equator, and therefore spinning the fastest relative to our planet...We have a winner--
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Sep 2, 2013
Slow Down!
Whoa!  Slow down!

You know, we live in a culture that seems to be constantly racing at full speed.  So many things to do, so many places to do, so many National Parks to visit.  Do you really want to know how fast we're going, though?  This will blow you away...
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Aug 23, 2013
Let's Go Feed the Fish!
Do you like fish?  Do you like to feed fish?  Then this is for you!
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Aug 14, 2013
Greetings From Costa Rica!
Hello everyone!  Greetings from Costa Rica!  Click here so I can tell you about my trip here in Central America...
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Jul 27, 2013
2013 Heat Wave!
You may have noticed that many parts of the country has been experiencing a pretty intense heat wave. Hot  hot hot.  What are you doing to beat the heat?
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Jul 17, 2013
The WhatzIT Revealed!
Ok, enough waiting, enough suspense.  I know you have been patiently waiting all week, biting your nails, sitting at the edge of your seat, wondering...what was that picture in Rich's WhatzIT? 

Ok, so maybe you're only mildly curious.  Hey, that's something. 

It's time to reveal...
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Jul 11, 2013
YAY! Another WhatzIT Challenge!
Hello everyone!  I hope you are having a great summer!  Naturally I'm interested in helping to keep your brains nice and sharp all summer so I figured it's time for another WhatzIT where you will have dig deep to figure out what I have zoomed in on in this picture...
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Jul 4, 2013
One of the most unique insects in the world will be making an appearance this summer after waiting underground for the last 17 years. 
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Jun 7, 2013
Rich in the News!
In today's Adventist News Network broadcast, you can watch a little nature short I made!
Posted by Rich Aguilera on May 31, 2013
On the Road
I spent a lot of days on the road this month...
Posted by Rich Aguilera on May 31, 2013
How Big is TINY?
Hi everyone! In my column this week I talk about how to really appreciate how big TINY things are.  Check out this video, you will be amazed how small things can get!
Posted by Rich Aguilera on May 15, 2013
Who is with Rich?
If you saw Randy's blog already, you know that last weekend I had the privilege of being in Maryland with Randy, Laura and 4Christ for a cool event.  Maybe some of YOU were there...but who else was there?
Posted by Rich Aguilera on May 9, 2013
WhatzIT Reveal Time!
It's time to reveal last weeks WhatzIT? Think you got it right?  A few of you did...
Posted by Rich Aguilera on May 2, 2013
WhatzIT is BACK!
By popular demand, the WhatzIT challenge is back on!  How will you do this time?
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Apr 24, 2013
This week in the magazine I talk about quicksand and a video that you can watch about it.  Here it is!
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Apr 16, 2013
Back Home!
I'd like to share a few photos with you of my trip to Venezuela last week where I was speaking at a Pathfinder Camporee.
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Apr 5, 2013
Greetings from Venezuela
Hola chamos! Un saludo grande desde Venezuela! That means: Hello friends, a big hello from Venezuela!
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Mar 28, 2013
Zombie Worms?
Say what?  You read correctly.  Check out this short video about these tiny bone-devouring zombie worms called Osedax.
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Mar 20, 2013
How to Make Paper
This week in Guide Magazine, I talk about watching a video to show you how to make your own paper...
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Mar 14, 2013
The Big Reveal!
Ok, it's time to reveal last weeks WhatzIT.  Drum roll please....
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Mar 8, 2013
New WhatzIT for you!
The  return of the WhatzIT!  Think you can guess what it is this month?  Good luck and click here now!
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Feb 27, 2013
The Creation Case - New Video Series!
For the last two years I've been working on production of the video series, The Creation Case.  I have a special announcement to make!
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Feb 21, 2013
Bonus Video: Avalanche!
This week in the magazine, I refer to a Bonus Video on avalanches.  If you want to see some amazing avalanche footage, watch this video!
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Feb 14, 2013
Making More New Friends
One of my favorite parts about traveling around is meeting you guys.  Last weekend I got to spend Sabbath in the Arlington SDA Church, in Arlington, Texas.  Here are some new friends I got to meet!
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Feb 7, 2013
The Power of Nature: Sinkholes
Nature is powerful, especially water.  It looks so harmless when you drink a glass of it.  This week there was a pretty big sinkhole that collapsed in China.  Part of this one was caught on video.
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Jan 30, 2013
WhatzIT Revealed!
Ok, you've waited long enough.  It's time to reveal the WhatzIT from last week!
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Jan 23, 2013
The WhatzIT Returns!
By popular demand, the WhatzIT is back!  After giving you guys such a nice hard WhatzIT last time, I was inspired to see if I could provide you with another tough one.  Here it is!
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Jan 17, 2013
Answers to the Brain Squeezer
It's time to reveal the answers to last weeks brain squeezer, I mean brain teaser.  I gave you guys 10 tricky questions to answer.  Here are the answers...
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Jan 13, 2013
Break Over, Got Soft Brain?
You've been back to school from break for a week now.  Was your brain ready?  This might help a little...or it might not.
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Jan 9, 2013
Happy New Year, But Watch Out . . .
Well, we've started another 12 month cycle.  2013!  But I hope you don't fall this little trick this year...
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Jan 3, 2013
Can You See Me?
God designed some pretty cool creatures.  Here's a series of 6 creatures that were designed to cleverly blend into their backgrounds.  How quickly can you find them?
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Dec 26, 2012
More Living Fossils
Once again, I find myself reading through articles and finding another one that talks about the discovery of living fossils.   Wait a sec, aren't fossils made of rock?  How could they be living?
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Dec 19, 2012
WhatzIT Revealed
After a week of mystery and best-guesses, it's time to reveal the WhatzIT from last week.  From looking over the variety of guesses, I would say this WAS probably one of the hardest WhatzIT's I've ever posted.  Click here to see what this was...
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Dec 12, 2012
The Hardest WhatzIT EVER!
After a series of easy WhatzIT's, I have gone to great lengths to make this one really, really hard.  Good luck!
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Dec 7, 2012
Rich's Photo Album
The greatest part of my travels is meeting you guys!  I thought for this weeks blog I would share a bunch of photos I've taken over the last few months of you very cool people I've met.  Are you in any of the pictures?
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Nov 27, 2012
It's FROG time!
People either think frogs are the greatest or they are totally grossed out by them.  Me personally, I was one of those kids that grew up out in the country so I loved finding frogs and carrying them around as pets.  My column in the magazine this month talks about these few fun paper frog activities you can do at home...
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Nov 21, 2012
We Need Your Garbage!
I'm not talking about ME needing your garbage, please don't come to my yard and dump all your trash there, no thanks.  But there is a country that needs garbage so bad they are willing to go out and bring it from other countries!
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Nov 8, 2012
Don't Mess with Nature
This week we got to see just how powerful nature can be.  Hurricane Sandy became the largest Atlantic hurricane in diameter on record, with winds spanning 1,100 miles.  Wow, no wonder it was nicknamed "Frankenstorm."  Check out this amazing TIME LAPSE video!
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Oct 31, 2012
See the Seagulls
Hello nature lovers!

Last week I meant to post this video on my blog, it is a short video clip I refer to in my October "MUD" column.  Sorry it wasn't posted till now...
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Oct 25, 2012
Mud and Sports?
It's that time of year again. Baseball playoffs! 

Wait a second, you say, i thought this was the Mud Guy, not David Robinson.  Ahh, but although I love all things nature, I'm also a big sports fan, too! 

Don't worry, I always find a way to spin everything into a nature related blog....
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Oct 11, 2012
WhatzIT Revealed
It's time to reveal last weeks WhatzIT!  How did you do?
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Oct 3, 2012
A New WhatzIT!
Oh yes, it's time for a new WhatzIt!  Last time so many of you got it right I worry that I made it to easy for you guys, so let's see how you do this week.  I think this one is a little tougher.  I think...
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Sep 26, 2012
Meeting New Friends, Were You One?
Every year as I travel around doing my talks, one of the best parts is that I get to meet thousands of you from all over the world.  What a treat!  Every once in a while I like to share pictures of a new friend...
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Sep 19, 2012
Brand New MONKEY!
Brand New MONKEY!

Yes, you read correctly!  A new species of monkey was recently discovered.  It's rare to find "large" mammal species that has never been discovered.  Fortunately you've come to the right place to read more about this recent discovery!
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Sep 13, 2012
Bee Waggle Dance
Remember when Rich talked about the bee's waggle dance in his MUD column? Here you can see it for yourself.
Posted by Kim Peckham on Aug 24, 2012
Amazing Pictures!
Sometimes, we just need to let photos speak for themselves...
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Aug 21, 2012
Cheesy Jokes AND WhatzIT Revealed
Hello tout le monde! 

I hope you are all enjoying the precious days left of summer vacation.  If you are reading from the southern hemisphere, then I suppose I should say something like "I hope you are having a lovely winter!"  Anyway, as you know, I am a fan of terribly horrible cheesy jokes.  The kind that are so bad that you just HAVE to laugh.  So I thought today for fun, I would post a few of classics.
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Aug 16, 2012
New WhatzIT!
You guessed it, it's time for another WhatzIT!  You guys did awesome on the last one I posted, I'm wondering if i made it to easy, so let's see how you do on this one...
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Aug 9, 2012
Olympic Nature?
We are big Olympics fans at my house.  We are trying to catch as many of the big events as possible although it can be overwhelming how many events there are to see!  At home, our main focus so far has been swimming and soccer.  Still, there's other things on the TV that catch my eye...

Posted by Rich Aguilera on Aug 2, 2012
Warning: Fish Getting Chomped
Hello summer fun warriors! I hope you are all having a great summer so far.

Have many of you gone out on outings or road trips?  When I was a kid, that was my favorite part about summer, we'd always take a 4 week road trip!  Maybe that's why I like to travel so much...

Posted by Rich Aguilera on Jul 26, 2012
Happy summer to all!  I've enjoyed meeting a lot of you these past few weeks as I've been spending a lot of time at the Central California campmeeting and the Oregon campmeeting.  It's great to meet and hang out with you guys!

This week for my blog I want to share a pretty interesting little video clip about one mean fish . . .
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Jul 25, 2012
Mud Bonus: Hearing for Hunting
In this week's Mud column I talked about animals with an amazing sense of hearing. Check out how owls use their hearing to catch their prey.
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Jul 17, 2012
Walking on Air
Hello space cadets!

OK, so it's no secret that I'm very intrigued by all things "space," so I wanted to share one of the most amazing videos on the web.  It's a series of time lapse photos taken from the International Space Station. 
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Jul 15, 2012
What's a God Particle?

In the last few days you might have heard about something in the news called "The God Particle." What is that?
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Jul 5, 2012
Lonesome George
Unfortunately, the extinction of species on our planet is a common occurrence.  Sadly, a few days ago on June 24, 2012, a giant Pinta Island tortoise named "Lonesome George" died.  He was believed to be the last remaining individual of the subspecies called Chelonoidis nigra abingdoni.
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Jun 26, 2012
Mud Bonus: An Iceberg Is Born
This week in Mud I talk about how icebergs form when chunks of ice calve, or break off, from a glacier. Have you ever seen a glacier calving? Check out this video clip that shows massive chunks of ice falling into the sea. Watch out for the giant wave!

Posted by Rich Aguilera on Jun 14, 2012
Summer Plans!
Grand summer greetings to all!

I hope you are all enjoying the summer.  I assume most of you are either done with school or about to be done with school.  Congrats for finishing another school year!  
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Jun 6, 2012
The Answers
Hello Mudseekers! It's time to reveal our current WhatzIT, and I'm impressed...many of you guessed correctly!  It is a close up picture of a mushroom!  Good job. 
Posted by Rich Aguilera on May 30, 2012
Mystery Dudes
Greetings to all you Spring Feverites! Yes, I'm also excited about all the warm weather many of you are experiencing, yay! Enjoy. Last week I posted a new WhatzIT but I must say I was a bit disappointed at how few guesses there were. Did I stump you guys so bad this time?
Posted by Rich Aguilera on May 25, 2012
What's This?
Hola, everyone!

Summer is almost here!  I'm sure you all are very excited about that.  I'm excited too because I'll get to meet a bunch of you over the next few months as I speak at various events.  This weekend I'll be at the Michigan Conference Pathfinder fair, where there will be almost 1,000 of you present.  In June and July I'll be seeing you guys at camp meetings in Central California, Oregon, and even England! 

Posted by Rich Aguilera on May 17, 2012
New MudCam: See Into a Hawk's Nest!
Hello to all!

Webcams are very intriguing to me because it's like being in two places at the same time . . . well, sorta. While you are at home in your pajamas sitting in front of the computer eating baby carrots, you can also see exactly what is going on somewhere else in the world. That's pretty amazing!

Posted by Rich Aguilera on May 9, 2012
See the Supermoon!
Bonjour, everyone! 

This Saturday night there will be an interesting event for all you people who like to look at the night sky.  Anyone in the United States will be treated to a "supermoon" event.  You may ask, What in the world is a supermoon?

Posted by Rich Aguilera on May 3, 2012
Puerto Rico's Natural Wonders
A couple days ago I returned from Puerto Rico, where I spoke at a Pathfinder camporee to about 1,000 Pathfinders. I also spoke at a couple of churches and had a lot of fun meeting lots of new people. I was surprised to meet a bunch of Guide magazine readers there, since Puerto Rico is a Spanish-speaking country!
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Apr 26, 2012
News From My Travels
Hi everyone!

I'm in Puerto Rico right now. Yes, it's boiling hot here, but I'm excited that I've had the chance to meet a bunch of new Guide readers here already! 

Last week a friend of mine posted a blog about me, so I wanted to share it with you guys.
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Apr 18, 2012
That's Bizarre!
In this week's Mud I talked about bizarre defense mechanisms that animals use to protect themselves. As promised, here are two videos where you can see a hagfish using its slime defense and a bombardier beetle blasting out hot chemicals.

Posted by Rich Aguilera on Apr 18, 2012
Hi There! What Am I?
I enjoy keeping up with the news, especially when there are articles about new scientific discoveries. I always keep an eye out for articles that also try to make new evolution claims. 

For example, just the other day there was an article in USA Today called "Fossil foot poses human origins puzzle."

Posted by Rich Aguilera on Apr 11, 2012
You'll Never Believe It!
Hi everyone!

Last week I saw a most amazing sight.
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Apr 4, 2012
That's Deep!
Hi, everyone!

This week James Cameron, a filmmaker, completed a record-breaking dive to the deepest part of the ocean: the Mariana Trench, about 200 miles from Guam. He was in a special submarine he had built that could withstand the pressure of being more than 35,000 feet below sea level. Wow, that's deep. That's almost 7 miles straight down! The smallest leak would have cause his submarine to instantly implode. Yikes. 
Posted by Rachel Whitaker, Associate Editor on Mar 28, 2012
Can You Solve This Stereogram?
Hi everyone! I've always been a big fan of stereograms like the one shown here. You've probably seen them before. It's amazing how sometimes our eyes see something, and then they don't. It reminds me of how God sees the BIG picture in our life, but we don't. But don't worry; God is in control since He sees and knows everything!
Posted by Rich Aguilera on Mar 21, 2012
Venus Flytrap in Action
In this week's Mud I talk about some of the topics you requested in the chat, including the Venus flytrap. Have you ever wanted to see a Venus flytrap actually catch something? Watch this video!
Posted by Rachel Whitaker, Associate Editor on Mar 14, 2012
Ha Ha
Here's a new joke for you: Q: What kind of flower do you have between your nose and your chin? A: Tulips!
Posted by Rachel Whitaker, Associate Editor on Mar 14, 2012
Fired for Taking a Stand?
Hi everyone! This week in the newspaper I saw an interesting article about a Christian NASA scientist who claims he was fired because he believed in intelligent design. "Intelligent design" is the belief that some higher power, such as God, created everything.  John West from the Center for Science and Culture in the Discovery Institute says it's part of a pattern.  He says, "There is basically a war on anyone who (disagrees with) Darwin, and we've seen that for years."  The case just landed in court and is about to start being heard, so we'll see what happens.
Posted by Rachel Whitaker, Associate Editor on Mar 14, 2012
New Video Series in the Works
Hi, everyone!  I hope you are all having an awesome summer! I've been traveling a lot this summer and I've had the chance to meet many of you.That's been super cool. I'm sorry I've been silent lately in my blog. I've been working a special project just for you guys that has kept me really busy.  It's a new video series called "The Creation Case."  I'm producing 13 half-hour episodes which will be seen on Hope TV and other places once they're done. During the summer, I traveled about 10,000 miles to about 17 or 18 states with a filming crew in order to shoot the series. I think you'll like it. It should be out sometime before the end of the year. This fall I will continue to travel a lot too. Hopefully I'll get to meet many more of you since I'll be visiting some of you at your Pathfinder camporees and in different churches I get invited to speak at. I look forward to meeting you guys! Enjoy the rest of your summer! SPLAT!
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Welcome to MUD
Hey everyone! My name is Rich Aguilera, and I'm the new NATURE GUY at Guide! I LOVE nature, and I love to be outside, so fasten your seat belts and join me as we go for a little ride in our new feature called MUD. Yeah, "MUD" . . . no, it's not an acronym for anything, it just means that when you go out in nature, you might get a little dirty! You'll find me here on this website, and this summer I'll start appearing in Guide magazine too. We're working on some really cool stuff for you guys.

Interactive stories, short videos called "MudTV," some of my favorite webcams from around the world--and of course, I always have a few surprises, plus mysteries and funny stuff. Oh yeah, some gross nature stuff too!
(He-he-he.) You'll just have to keep coming back! Of course, if you have ideas of stuff we should explore, let me know. I really look forward to exploring nature with you. I think we'll have a blast together! After all, God created nature for us to enjoy.

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A Curious Summer
Hey, gang!  Summer is around the corner, and I'm sure you guys are excited about taking a little break from school.  That doesn't mean you have to stop learning, though!   What I like to do is go outside and just be curious. 

Just the other day I was noticing some ants in the yard, and I was trying to find their colony by following them around.  Each colony has ONE queen ant, right?  Well, I started to wonder--what happens if another queen ant is born?  There can't be two!  Does she leave?  Is she banished?  Do they eat her?  I was so curious I just had to look it up.  I hope this summer you can go outside and be curious about nature too. 

I'm sure you've all created a drawing or painted something or built something that you were really proud of.  I like to think of nature as God's artwork.  Nature is the ultimate canvas, the ultimate sculpture--showing God's incredible creativity.  What makes it even more exciting is that in most cases, the nature is alive! 

Remember, there's something cool God made almost everywhere . . . you just have to look!

P.S.  Oh yeah, were you wondering about Ms. Queen Ant?  She takes off and starts a brand-new colony!
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More MudTV?
Hey, gang!  Thanks for watching MudTV and for all your comments about our first series!  I hope you had fun being a little goofy with me while also learning some pretty neat stuff.  Many of you have asked about "more" episodes.  I have good news for you!  A new series of MudTV has already been produced, and we will start posting them in July.  I think you'll really like this new series . . . get ready to see some incredible stuff!  

What can I tell you about it?  I can tell you that it will NOT be four episodes this time.  I can also tell you that one episode will be EXPLOSIVE!   You'll just have to see.

Oh, yeah, starting this July, you will also start seeing our new "Mud" section in the actual magazine every month.  Get ready to dive into the world of Mud!  Splat.
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Coming Soon . . .
Hello, followers of the goings-on of all things Mud!

Next Sabbath (July 18) is a special Sabbath in the world of Mud. Mud will start appearing in your issue of Guide magazine every month with a lot of cool, wild, muddy stuff!  Not only that, the new MudTV series will begin that same weekend and will take you on a new, fast-paced adventure to . . . oh, yeah, I can't tell you.

I hope you are all having a great summer.  I know many of you are gearing up for the Oshkosh camporee in a month--you guys will have a blast! If you're not going, you can always go jump in some mud.  Ask Mom first, and by all means, close your mouth when you jump in . . .
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A Curious Quest
Hey kids!  I'm sure many of you were at Oshkosh this year. I hope you had fun and stopped by the Guide table! I thought about surprising everyone by arriving through the thickest part of the jungle and jumping out, but when I found out there was no jungle in Wisconsin I decided to stay home. Not really.

School is around the corner and for the lucky few of you, it has started already.  Have you dusted off your book bag?  Have you sharpened all your #2's?  I hope this year you guys do great in school, and remember, be curious about everything--it makes learning fun!

See ya!
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Bizarre Trees
Hey everyone!  I hope you have gotten off to a good start in this new school year. 

In this week's Guide magazine issue I talk about bizarre trees.  Let me tell you, when I kid, one of my favorite activities was climbing trees.  As you can imagine, I was never afraid of heights either. My biggest concern was making sure there wasn't any poison ivy around because I'm very allergic to that stuff.  Now, a few years later, I'm still completely intrigued by trees, and once in a while I still find myself climbing a tree!   At this point, though, I get more enjoyment learning about bizarre trees, visiting them in person, and taking their picture.  Say "CHEESE," or better yet, say "LEEEEAVES" . . .

One of the BIZARRE TREES featured this week is the dragon tree. It comes from the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa.  In this video we explore dragon trees and the vegetation on the island of Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands.
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Natural Disasters
Hi, everyone. Well, it's been a rainy week for many of you out there. I'm thinking and praying for you guys in the Southeast--hang in there!   Just recently someone asked a question on "Stump Rich" about natural disasters and why they happen.  I thought I'd post my answer here in the blog:   First of all, let me mention that our planet is not just a piece of rock, it's a dynamic planet which is constantly changing. Second, let me mention that evil is not "something," it is the LACK of something--it is the lack of GOOD. Kinda like LIGHT and DARK. Dark is not a thing, it is the LACK of LIGHT. Evil is a lack of good. Many bad things happen in this world, and most of them are associated with SIN. Death, disease, crimes, etc. We're all sinners, so we have to accept and understand that bad things will happen because of sin. You've probably heard the saying, "Why do bad things happen to good people?" If we're all sinners then maybe the question should be "Why do GOOD things happen to BAD people?" . . .   Join me in praying for the folks enduring these natural disasters.  
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Where Will You Be in Seven Years?
Just recently, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil was awarded the Summer Olympics for the year 2016. That’s SEVEN years from now. How old will you be in seven years? Many of the athletes who will be competing in those Olympics are actually YOUR age right now. None of them know that in seven years they will be there, because no one knows the future. All I know is that if you put your future in God’s hands, He will have wonderful things for you to look forward to! 
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Time to Watch The Show
Hey, everyone! My favorite season of the year is autumn. I love to watch the transition of the leaves. The days start getting cooler and shorter, so the leaves start losing their green color, which exposes the bright yellows, reds, and oranges that are naturally found in the leaves. If you live in a place where the leaves change colors every year, you may be used to the changes, but this year take a fresh new look at these changes as they occur. Make a conscious effort watch this year’s transition and observe God’s free color show!
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Thanks for the Feedback
Hey, everyone!   I just wanted to thank all of you for your nice comments on the “MudTV: The Assignment” videos you’ve been watching the last few months. I had a lot of fun making them for you, and I hope you learned something new!   For those of you that patiently watched the last episode all the way through, you noticed that I included a “sneak peek” teaser about the next MudTV, called “MudTV: Eureka!” That will be coming out soon, so keep checking back!   Splat! Rich     
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Happy Thanksgiving!
Do you have a lot to be thankful for this year? This is a great time to stop and remember all the things you are thankful for. But you know what? Every day should be Thanksgiving! (Without the “Black Friday” too . . .) When we were all kids we’d say, “I wish Christmas was every day!” Well, I can’t help you there, but I don’t see why you can’t celebrate Thanksgiving every day. We’re always thankful for our families. Well, this time tell them in person! Have some distant relatives? Call them up or send them an e-mail this year. Tell them you really appreciate them!   Splat! Rich     
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Merry CHRISTmas!
Well, it’s December—’tis the season to be jolly. You know what I’ve been doing for years? Almost every time I write a letter or an e-mail during the month of December, at the bottom I finish with “Merry CHRISTmas.” As you can see, I’ve capitalized CHRIST in Christmas. I consider it a subtle way of reminding people of the real reason for the season, CHRIST. Let’s all try to remember what we’re really celebrating—Jesus’ birth, even if it wasn’t really in December. Merry CHRISTmas! Splat! Rich     
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December Trivia
Hello everyone! By now you’re all probably out of school on break and sad that your mind is not receiving educational nourishment (school). I can help with today’s blog, which I will call “December Trivia.” We’ve gotten so used to the name “December” that we’ve never really stopped to think about it. What is a “December”? Well, I can tell you that in Latin, “decem” means “ten.” December was originally the tenth month in the Roman calendar, until a monthless winter period was divided between January and February. Did you know December starts on the same day of the week as September? Merry CHRISTmas and Happy New Year!
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Where's Your Silver Jumpsuit?
Wow, it's the year 2010!  When I was a kid, "2010" was used to talk about the distant future when space ships would fly around and we'd all be walking around in silver jumpsuits. It would be like saying "the year 2040" now!  I'll be the first to admit that I don't have a silver jumpsuit.  I'm sure glad that only God knows the future.  With God we don't have to worry or wonder about silver jumpsuits.  Just trust in God.  Here in the Northern Hemisphere, many animals are hibernating now.  They have trusted their God-given instincts to hibernate during winter.  They've put their future in God's hands.  I hope you will put your 2010 in God's hands this year!   Happy new year!
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A Prayer for Haiti
Hi, everyone. I was very saddened at the news of the big earthquake in Haiti this week. Ironically, my column in Guide magazine this Sabbath talks about earthquakes and how destructive they are.  Please join me in praying for the people in Haiti: Dear God, we're praying for the people of Haiti today—they are going through terrible suffering right now. These are Your sons and daughters that are experiencing devastation and pain. There are many things in this world that we don't understand, God, but I know that You see their tears and know their sadness. Please give them comfort. Many people are rushing to help the people in Haiti. Lord, keep them safe and give them the tools they need to serve these people, and give us the wisdom to do our part too. Amen.
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I Love Snow!
Hi, everyone! Some people don’t like snow. Not sure why. I guess if you didn’t grow up with snow, you don’t like it. Some people grew up in snow and then moved to a more temperate climate and say they will never go back to the snow. Me? I’ve lived my whole life with cold, snowy winters. I love snow! Sure, there are a couple days each winter where it gets painfully cold. Those days aren’t fun, but most days are pretty nice if you dress right. It doesn’t matter where you live—you are likely to have a few days of uncomfortable weather each year. About 18 months ago I went on a mission trip to Cuba in the middle of the summer. That was painfully hot, and not too many places with AC either! I like my snowy winters. BTW, the world record for most snowfall in one year is held by Mount Baker, Washington. About 10 years ago they had 95 feet of snowfall! Here is a picture of my street a couple days ago. It snowed about 15” and the plows hadn’t come yet. Drive at your own risk! And here’s a picture of me during that snowstorm. I had been plowing my driveway, and it was snowing so hard that 3” of snow accumulated on my visor!      
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How God Made the Olympics Possible
Are you a fan of the Olympics? I am. In 1996 the Summer Olympics took place in Atlanta, Georgia, and I was able to attend six events. That was a lot of fun. Someday I hope to be able to attend a Winter Olympics. Where would the Winter Olympics be without snow and ice? They’d be in trouble! I think it’s neat that the entire Winter Olympic event relies on snow and ice, elements of nature that God created. It sure would be funny trying to imagine Winter Olympics without them . . . Skating in a puddle of water? Skiing down a grassy, muddy slope? What about the ski long jump? Scary. If you watch some Olympic competitions this month, remember none of them would be possible if God hadn’t created water with those very specific and special properties!   Splat!
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LIVE! and Muddy
Hey, everyone! Earlier this month I was in San Antonio, Texas, for our first "LIVE! and
Muddy" speaking event. It was exciting to meet a bunch of you and
spend some time learning about God through nature and science. I'm
including a few pictures of the event here in my blog. I also enjoyed
getting to know your town and state. Rich loves Texas! Hopefully in the future I can meet many more of you in events similar
to this. Perhaps if you mention it to some of your leaders, we can
work toward trying to visit you guys where YOU are! Have a great Sabbath! Splat!       
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Rich's Speaking Calendar
 Hey, everyone!  I just wanted to tell you about this new sidebar on the right of your screen for “LIVE! and Muddy.” You may have noticed it there a couple weeks ago. We put that there so you can keep track of the places I’m planning to visit in the coming months.  I would really like to see and meet you all, so I’m going to start going around the country to hang out with you for a weekend! I hope you keep checking back on the calendar to see if I’ll be in your neck of the woods.   Last Friday I was at the Cyber Chat for a while and someone asked me how to go about having me visit their church. Simple—just have your youth pastor or Pathfinder director contact me! Then we’ll see if it can be done! Splat!
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Join Me on an Adventure!
Is your family looking to take a family trip anytime soon? Looking for the adventure of a lifetime? I want to invite you to join me for a new thing called “Christian Family Adventures” where YOUR family can join me on a one-week adventure you will never forget. Picture yourself in the rainforest of Costa Rica, ziplining from one treetop platform to another! Go rafting, caving, horseback riding, and more! Each day I’ll lead out and provide family-friendly worships. Throughout the week you and your family will also help me produce a souvenir nature documentary video. The final day we’ll give back—we’ll do some mission work at a local orphanage. If you are interested, there is more information at our website— www.ChristianFamilyAdventures.org I’d love to have you come and explore nature with me! Splat! 
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Getting Crisped
Hi, everyone! I was wondering how many of you are going to be at the General Conference Session this summer in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m planning on being there, and I would love to meet all of you! I’ll be easy to find—I’ll be wearing my hat most of the time! People ask me about my hat every once in a while. They ask, “Do you take that hat everywhere you go?” Actually, I do! And before I had that hat, I had another one that I took everywhere. Do you want to know why? It’s simple: To protect my head from getting too much sun! A lot of people love to lie out in the sun and get a tan. That’s cool, except for the part about dramatically raising your chances of getting skin cancer. Experts say, “One blistering sunburn can double a child's lifetime risk of developing skin cancer.” I don’t want ANY of you to ever get cancer. The sun is good for you, but getting burned is not. As North American summer rolls in, remember that you are also a part of nature that we should protect. Splat!     
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Meet Me in Atlanta
Hey everyone!  I hope you are all having a great summer.  I'm in Atlanta at the General Conference Session and I'd love to see and meet you! If you see me walking around I hope you come over and say hi. I'll be in the exhibit hall most of the time and I'll be in Atlanta till the session ends, so I hope to see you! Just look for the guy in the unusual hat!

If you're not able to be in Georgia, I'll see you in this Sabbath's issue of Guide magazine!

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Dinos and Floods
A couple days ago there was an article in the news called “World's Largest Dinosaur Graveyard Linked to Mass Death.” It’s about a huge dinosaur graveyard recently discovered in Alberta, Canada, and how the scientists have determined that thousands of dinosaurs were buried there by a flood.   If you’re a creationist like me, you’d say, “I could’ve told you that.” Unfortunately, though, most scientists refuse to believe in creation, intelligent design, or a worldwide flood, so they provide alternate explanations for everything we see. The article simply says, “The likely culprit in this scenario was a catastrophic storm.”   The funny thing about this is that these same scientists say pretty much ALL dinosaur graveyards and dig sites on the planet were caused by water-related catastrophes. Coincidence? I don’t think so.  Splat!     
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The Search for Noah's Ark
People have been trying to find Noah’s Ark for hundreds of years. Here’s what the Bible says about its location: "The water receded steadily from the earth. At the end of the hundred and fifty days the water had gone down, and on the seventeenth day of the seventh month the ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat. The waters continued to recede until the tenth month, and on the first day of the tenth month the tops of the mountains became visible" (Genesis 8:3-5). So where are the “mountains of Ararat”? No one knows for sure. Most searches have taken place in Turkey on a mountain called Mount Ararat, but the Bible says the ark came to rest on the mountains (plural) of Ararat, which is a vast mountain range. Mt. Ararat is also a volcano. As you know, volcanic mountains are constantly changing, so it’s impossible to know what that mountain was like 4,300 years ago—that’s even IF it is where the ark landed. The mountain itself is extremely dangerous to climb, and many people have died trying. It’s also located in one of the most politically unstable corners of the world. Just being there is life-threatening. What’s my point? Yes, it would be super neat to discover the ark. Do we need proof in order to believe? No. Even if it were to be discovered, there would probably be thousands of people who would rush in to disprove the claim. We will never have all the answers. Our goal is to have faith in the truth we believe in. Splat!
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Back to School
For most of you, school is probably underway already. I find it funny how one event, the start of school, can be looked at so differently by so many people. It’s the same event, but there is such a wide variety of reactions to it. Some of you have been looking forward to school starting since the last day of school last year. Others dread the thought of going back to school. Others love summer, but toward the end they start getting a little bored and are ready to go back to school to see their friends. Same event, a variety of reactions. Why is that? In nature the laws are pretty consistent. If you throw a ball into the air, gravity will bring it back down every single time. The laws of nature for humans are a little different because God made each one of us unique, special, and different. There is no other you in the whole world! God did that on purpose. So if you ever feel pressured at school to be like someone else, to look like someone else, to dress like someone else—remember, God made you to be you, and only you, not someone else. Have a great school year! Splat!
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Attack of the Catfish
In the last month it seems like the number of natural disasters has been going up. If you listen to the news, you may have heard about volcanic eruptions, flooding, earthquakes, and just this week in the South Pacific, a “Super Typhoon.” It wasn’t a regular typhoon, it was a SUPER Typhoon, and it was called “Megi,” which is Korean for “catfish.” Are you wondering, What is the difference between a regular and a super typhoon? It’s probably pretty obvious. A super typhoon is the same as a Category 4 or 5 hurricane—that means it has sustained winds of 150 miles per hour or more. Very intense. They bring high storm surges at the coasts, torrential downpours, and super powerful winds. Typhoons form over warm water and usually lose power once they hit land. The problem with Super Typhoon Megi is that as it went over the Philippines, it did not lose much strength since the Philippines are smaller islands. This super typhoon is not expected to lose strength quite yet. Meteorologists say it's heading toward the mainland of China. There are millions of people in that area. Let’s keep those people in our prayers this week!
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What Am I Missing?
Christmas is upon us! The decorations are up, there is plenty of snow on the ground, and I have an ample supply of hot chocolate ready to go. My family room carries the scent of fresh artificial tree and I’ve brushed up on the lyrics of “Silent Night” in two languages. I’ve avoided the shopping craze of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Devastating December as much as possible. The stereo is stocked with my five favorite Christmas CDs, and I’ve started closing all my e-mails with “Merry CHRISTmas.”  Am I missing anything? Oh, wait, this weekend is our church’s children’s Christmas musical. Batteries are charged and the tripod is ready. I have my red sweater washed and ready to wear, as well as my Christmas socks that have pictures of reindeer on them. Do I have it all now? I can’t find my copy of It’s a Wonderful Life, but maybe someone borrowed it and I’ll get it back soon.  What do you think? Do I have everything? What am I missing? Are you missing it too? Keep your eye on the ball.  Splat!
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What's an Albino?
Have you ever heard of the term “albino”? Albinism is an inherited condition that prevents the body from making the usual amounts of the pigment melanin. Melanin is what gives your skin its color, so without it the skin and hair are very light-colored. It doesn’t just happen with people; it can affect other mammals too, as well as fish, birds, reptiles, and amphibians.  The polite term for someone affected with this condition is a “person with albinism.” Remember, people with albinism are just as normal as anyone else and should not be treated any differently. When I was a kid, I had a friend with albinism and he was super nice. It makes me very sad when people are treated differently just because of how they look.  The enemy is trying to trick you into judging people by their looks, so this week I have a Christian challenge for you. I want you to go and seek out a person that you think may be being judged by their looks. I’d like you to try to get to know them. You never know when you might make a lifelong friend! Remember, God loves what’s on the inside and we should too!  Splat!      var fctb_tool=null; function FCTB_Init_e19435fb67b45443ad574113e6946779(t) { fctb_tool=t; start(fctb_tool); }
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Something's Following You
This has been a wintry winter. Places like the Northeast have experienced amazing amounts of snowfall this season. Some people are fortunate and escape to a sunny beach somewhere this time of year. I’ve never been a huge fan of ocean water since I did not grow up near an ocean. I find it too salty. Ocean water is salty because it contains 3.6% dissolved minerals. Salt is the primary mineral (sodium and chlorine). Scientists have been measuring the amount of sodium in the oceans for decades. They calculate that over 400 million tons of sodium are deposited into the oceans every year, but only about 100 million tons leave the ocean. That means there’s about 300 millions tons of salt being added to the ocean every year. By looking at the amount of sodium in the ocean now, the evidence strongly favors a young earth. If our planet has really been around for billions of years, the ocean should be completely saturated with salt. Even if you escape to a nice warm beach this winter, the evidence for a young earth seems to follow you! Splat!
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Evolving Dogs?
I know a lot of you readers out there are dog lovers. I never got to have a dog when I was growing up, but they sure looked like a lot fun to own. This week was the Westminster Kennel Club dog show, where each year a bunch of dogs come to New York and compete to be "Best in Show" as well as win in other categories. This year a Scottish deerhound named Hickory won. Here's a photo of a deerhound. These dogs are known to be gentle and extremely friendly. They also love to chase stuff. Do you have a dog? I'd love to know what kind of dog your family has. Just go to the Mud section of the Discussion Board and answer my question about dogs! The Scottish deerhound has been around for a long time, long before records of dog species were kept. Since then many new species of dog have appeared. You might think of them as "breeds," but they are different enough that they could be considered different species. Of course, these "species" are created by humans through breeding, but the same process can happen naturally, but more slowly. Some scientists call that evolution, but creationists call that variation. There is no evidence that dogs are turning into a different kind of animal—we are only witnessing the endless variety of dogs that God built into the dog kind DNA. Splat! (Photo from Wikipedia)
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It's Over
Another year is just about to check out. See ya, 2010. Of course, I can’t help but wonder what 2011 will be like. I remember a year ago thinking, “I wonder what 2010 will be like.” Well, now I know.  It was neat meeting a bunch of you at the GC session this summer in Atlanta. I also traveled to eight different states to present “LIVE! and Muddy” in many of your churches. That was fun. I went on a mission trip and I also started working on a new TV video series about creation. It’s been an exciting year!  It’s good to look back and remember, but let’s also look forward at the year ahead. What are the big moments coming up for you in 2011? What are the big events planned? What are some challenges you know you will have to face?  My challenge for you this year: Face 2011 with Jesus by your side. Check in with Jesus on a daily basis—just tell Him every day what you’re up to and the stuff you’re concerned about. He wants to be your best friend, so go ahead and treat Him like one. He will never let you down.  I look forward to discovering and exploring more of God’s creativity in nature this year with you!  Splat! 
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Time for another WhatzIT!
Time for another WhatzIT!  Last time several of you guessed it or were pretty close. Let’s see how you do today.
As you know, I’m showing you a picture of something that has been seriously zoomed in. You need to figure out what it is. Although you see straight lines, I CAN tell you that this is NOT manmade; it’s not a temple or anything like that.
Post a comment and tell me where or what is in this picture. Next week I will reveal the full-size picture and see how many of you got it right.  
I’ll give you another hint: It’s not a moth. You’re welcome. 
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The WhatzIT Reveal
And now it’s time to reveal the answer for last week's WhatzIT! If you haven’t already tried to guess what it is, here is one last chance to look before you scroll down for the answer. OK, obviously it’s a rock of some sort, but why the straight lines, and where is it? Scroll down—

This is a place called the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. It’s an area of about 40,000 interlocking basalt columns formed by a volcanic eruption. Scientists think the lava cooled rapidly, causing it to fracture into these pillar-like forms. Splat!
Posted by Administrator on Sep 12, 2011
New Year Energy Boost
Hello, everyone, and happy New Year! Wow, 2011 is gone—here comes 2012. Instead of reminiscing over 2011 and talking about making resolutions for 2012, let's talk about chocolate. Yes, it's delicious, and yes, you should eat it in moderation. With that said, did you know that the French general Napoleon is said to have carried chocolate for an energy boost? That would explain what he's grabbing for in this picture . . . May 2012 bring you many smiles! Happy New Year!  Splat!
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I'm Heading to Cuba!
Hi, everyone!  For the last year I've been working with our church in Cuba to organize an event to bring the news of God the Creator and salvation to the kids there.  Did you know that there are NO Christian schools for kids on the entire island? That means 100% of the children there are taught in school that we evolved from slime!  Talk about "yuck" . . . Next week on January 24, after a year of planning, I will be traveling to Cuba for two weeks. There I will be visiting 11 cities and reaching thousands of children to teach them why there is more evidence that a loving God created us all.  Your prayers are important to me, so please pray for me and the leaders in Cuba as well as all the kids and adults who will be at the events so that they open their hearts to discover the truth about God. Splat!
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Can You Guess This WhatzIT?
OK, everyone, here is our next WhatzIT. Let's see how you guys do this time.  As you know, I’m showing you a picture of something that has been seriously zoomed in. You need to figure out what it is and post your guess below. Next week I will reveal the full-size picture and see how many of you got it right.  
As usual, I'm happy to provide you a hint. It's not a banana. You’re welcome.  Splat!
Posted by Administrator on Sep 12, 2011
WhatzIT Revealed!
It's time to reveal the answer for last week's WhatzIT! Think you got it? Here's one last chance to stare down the picture to see if you think you've got it. If you're ready, scroll down for the full-size picture.  

Yes! One of your favorite veggies, broccoli! Did you know that broccoli is part of the cabbage family? The large flower head is used as a vegetable. It has a lot of vitamin C and is high in fiber too! Now go out and get some. Splat!
Posted by Administrator on Sep 12, 2011
Billboards in Cuba
A few days ago I returned from a mission trip to Cuba.   We visited a bunch of churches and got to teach the kids and adults about Creation.  This was a pretty exciting opportunity because we got to reach a country with no Christian schools. 

One of the interesting things about Cuba are the billboards.  In the United States we can't go anywhere without driving by a bunch of billboards advertising something or other.  "Buy this!"  "Go here!"  "Eat this!"    In Cuba, they have billboards but they are ALL used by the government to send messages to the people.  Here's an example of one. It basically says "The Motherland above all else."  

You know, Christians also have a message to send to the people of the world.  Did you know that God has asked YOU to be a billboard for HIM?  What message are you sending?
Posted by Administrator on Sep 12, 2011
Tricky Eyes
I love optical illusions. Mainly because they force you to think "outside the box" to figure them out.  Of course, having your eyes and brain tricked once in a while only makes you sharper.  SO, here's an optical illusion for you. This is not an easy optical illusion.  It was created by American wildlife artist Rusty Rust, and it shows a huge Bengal tiger standing in a bamboo forest. Your mission now is to look for “The Hidden Tiger” in the image.  Where is the hidden tiger? Once you see it, it seems so obvious. If you find it, go ahead and post down below that you found it and maybe even say how long it took you, but DON'T spoil it for others by saying where it is.   Let's keep it a secret until next week! Splat!
Posted by Administrator on Sep 12, 2011
Heavenly Light Show
Hi everyone! First things first: Did you find "the hidden tiger" from last week's Tricky Eyes blog? If you haven't tried this optical illusion yet, check out the link. Don't scroll to the bottom of this page unless you're ready to see the answer!  This week there was a neat article in the news talking about the northern lights, also called the "Aurora Borealis." Apparently they were being exceptionally active. This colorful phenomenon is caused when sun particles collide with the Earth's atmosphere near the poles. 
Posted by Administrator on Sep 12, 2011
God's Fingerprints
In this month's Mud I answer your questions from the Web site. One of them has to do with Fibonacci numbers. Find out why some scientists consider this pattern "the fingerprint of God"! Then, see if you can stump me with more questions.
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Posted by Administrator on Sep 12, 2011
New Video Series in the Works
Hi, everyone! I hope you are all having an awesome summer! I've been traveling a lot this summer and I've had the chance to meet many of you.That's been super cool. I'm sorry I've been silent lately in my blog. I've been working a special project just for you guys that has kept me really busy.  It's a new video series called "The Creation Case."  I'm producing 13 half-hour episodes which will be seen on Hope TV and other places once they're done. During the summer, I traveled about 10,000 miles to about 17 or 18 states with a filming crew in order to shoot the series. I think you'll like it. It should be out sometime before the end of the year. This fall I will continue to travel a lot too. Hopefully I'll get to meet many more of you since I'll be visiting some of you at your Pathfinder camporees and in different churches I get invited to speak at. I look forward to meeting you guys! Enjoy the rest of your summer! SPLAT!
Posted by Administrator on Sep 12, 2011
Smart Trees (Actually, Smart Creator!)
Hi everyone!

My favorite season is autumn.  I really enjoy the crisp weather and the colors of the trees.  This is a picture of a maple tree in my yard right now.  Year after year I'm always amazed at the incredible show of colors the trees display as they prepare for winter. 

Even though trees don't have a brain, I think it's awesome that God created them as if they DID have a brain!  At the end of summer, they automatically adjust as needed.  Since there are fewer hours of sun and cooler temperatures, the trees slow down the amount of water they take in, the leaves slow down the photosynthesizing, the branches get woody, and they are soon ready for all the cold and snow winter can throw at them.  These are the adjustments they make in order to survive until spring.

Only God could create such an amazing organism.  Just think, there are millions of wonderfully complex organisms out there all around us!

Posted by Administrator on Sep 12, 2011
Introducing WhatzIT?
Welcome to WhatzIT?—a new Mud activity! It's pretty simple: I show you a picture that has been seriously zoomed in on something. You need to tell me "WhatzIT?" or, in proper English, what it is.

Just post a comment saying what you think is shown in this picture. If you don't know, at least take a guess! Next week I will tell you what it is and reveal the full-size picture. Let's see how many of you get it right.

I'll give you a hint: it's not a cucumber. You're welcome. 
Posted by Administrator on Sep 12, 2011
Are You Sure You Want to Know?
This blog post will reveal the identity of the mystery item shown in last week's WhatzIT? If you haven't already tried to guess what the object is, you may want to look at the last post before you read this one. OK, here it is: Yep, some of you were right: it's a moth. Specifically, a painted tiger moth, which lives in the southwestern United States. Cool, huh? Moths are very similar to butterflies, but there are few notable differences between them. In general, butterflies have a smooth, thin body; moths are thick and fuzzy.  Butterflies are active during the day; moths are active at night. Butterflies come in bright colors; moths usually have dull colors. When standing, butterflies hold their wings vertically; moths hold their wings flat against their body. I love noticing the little details in the creatures God made! Splat! Rich Photo from Wikimedia Commons, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Arachnis_picta_edit1.jpg.
Posted by Administrator on Sep 12, 2011
Shout Out If You Love Pathfinders!
Hi, everyone! One my favorite things to do is to visit you guys in person at your churches. Many of you have seen my "LIVE! and Muddy" presentations in various places. Once in a while I also get to speak at Pathfinder camporees.  Those are so fun! Are you a Pathfinder? A few weeks ago I got to spend several days at the Gulf States Pathfinder Camporee. It was at the beautiful Camp Alamisco in Alabama.  Here are some pictures of a few great clubs I met while I was there.

If you are not a Pathfinder, consider joining the club! If your church doesn't have a club, get with your friends and go ask your leaders if your church can start one. If you are a Pathfinder, why don't you post a reason below why you think being a Pathfinder is great? Maybe together we can convince others to join the club.
I hope some day I'll see you at one of the camporees! Look on the main Mud page for a list of where I'll be.
Posted by Administrator on Sep 12, 2011
A Visit to the Creation Museum
Hi everyone! 

Most of you know how much I like to teach about the “Creation vs. Evolution” issue. A couple weeks ago I got to spend three days in Petersburg, Kentucky, at a conference about Creation. The conference was held at a super-cool place I love to visit: The Creation Museum!

This state-of-the-art museum is an awesome place to learn about how God created the world and His plan of salvation for you. It has almost TWO acres of indoor museum space with all sorts of amazing exhibits, theaters, and even a planetarium! There’s also a cool outdoor zoo petting area and beautiful gardens.  Tell your folks about it. Perhaps someday you can go visit! Here is the museum's Web site: www.CreationMuseum.org.

Have any of you ever visited the Creation Museum? Tell me about it in the “comments” below!

Photo from www.CreationMuseum.org
Posted by Administrator on Sep 12, 2011
Giving Thanks
Thanksgiving is upon us again!  Time to answer those "what are you thankful for this year" type questions you will surely get asked at school, at church and at home. Start working on your list.  Classic answers always include things like "family", "home", "friends", and
all those wonderful things God gives us.

This year, I challenge you to add some unusual things you may not normally remember to be thankful for.  I'm not talking about being thankful for football and iPhones, either.  What am I talking about? Well, how about being thankful that you live in place where you don't
have to hide to worship God. Being thankful for soldiers, firemen and police officers that work hard to keep you safe. How about being thankful that even though the economy might be making things difficult for Mom and Dad, you still have things you NEED.  You may not have the things you WANT, but at least the things you need such as food, clothes and shelter.  There are billions of people in the world that don't have even that.

Yes, we have lots to be thankful for this year.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by Administrator on Sep 12, 2011
See-Through Sea Life
This month in Guide magazine I wrote about some of most bizarre creatures in the sea. What amazes me is that most scientists say that we’ve discovered only a small percentage of the ocean’s species so far. That means most of the creatures in the sea haven’t been discovered yet! Maybe you’ll grow up to become a marine biologist and discover a few more! Today’s featured video clip talks about some of the smallest bizarre creatures in our seas: zooplankton! Check it out . . . var fctb_tool=null; function FCTB_Init_2859b3acd54a184b9ce0c1f3ebd9b39e(t) { fctb_tool=t; start(fctb_tool); } FCTB_Init_2859b3acd54a184b9ce0c1f3ebd9b39e(document['FCTB_Init_84b96506291a134cb07a45f32665c40e']); delete document['FCTB_Init_84b96506291a134cb07a45f32665c40e']
Posted by Administrator on Sep 12, 2011
More Brain Exercises
If you liked the brain exercises in this month’s Mud column, then you’ll like these additional brain exercises. Remember: keep those brains nice and sharp with plenty of exercise! (The answers are at the very bottom, but don't scroll down until you've tried to figure out all three!) 1. Michael and Sophia have the same father and they were born at the same hour of the same day to the same mother in the same hospital. However, they are not twins. How is this possible? 2. Little Tommy suddenly found himself surrounded by thirty galloping horses, twenty-five charging bears, and ten roaring lions. How did he survive this situation? 3. Four cars come to a four-way stop, each coming from either North, South, East or West. It isn’t clear who arrived first, so they all go at the same time. No one crashes, but all four cars successfully continue on their way. How is this possible?
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Posted by Administrator on Sep 12, 2011
Bigs Bunny?
In the news today there was an article about a tiny island in the Mediterranean Sea called Menorca. It turns out that scientists recently uncovered fossil evidence of a new extinct species of rabbit. What's interesting is that this was a GIANT rabbit that was three feet tall!  That's about six times larger than your typical rabbit today! (Bigs Bunny?) Evolution teaches that over millions of years creatures have evolved from simple to complex and from small to large, but over and over again we see from the fossil record that animals from the past were actually bigger, not smaller.  Giant sharks (megalodon, 10-foot-tall sloths, 50-foot-long crocodiles, three-foot-tall rabbits, and, of course, everyone's favorite—giant reptiles . . . also known as dinosaurs. The fossil record shows that creatures in the past were larger, not smaller. This is completely opposite of what evolution says needs to happen for their explanation to make sense.  Splat! var fctb_tool=null; function FCTB_Init_a3a1b34a300c674aa248c6f20a745f44(t) { fctb_tool=t; start(fctb_tool); } FCTB_Init_a3a1b34a300c674aa248c6f20a745f44(document['FCTB_Init_3b76ef57ce67c448a605fe85cc348548']); delete document['FCTB_Init_3b76ef57ce67c448a605fe85cc348548'] var fctb_tool=null; function FCTB_Init_80556e1a6f8a57449c2d2bf950cb20ad(t) { fctb_tool=t; start(fctb_tool); } FCTB_Init_80556e1a6f8a57449c2d2bf950cb20ad(document['FCTB_Init_af13ada1ed709048acfc362426fe9e46']); delete document['FCTB_Init_af13ada1ed709048acfc362426fe9e46']
Posted by Administrator on Sep 12, 2011
Who Will Come In? Skilpak only 1st Grade Level 4
Who Will Come In? Skilpak only 1st Grade Level 4
My Bible Friends DVD
These popular stories, told by Uncle Dan and Aunt Sue, combined with video treatment of the beautifu
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